dog walker

in the city that never sleeps
 are not permitted
 in stores places where food is sold
people own dogs 
but work all week
dog walkers 

they do not come cheap

 this woman 
had stopped to talk to another dog walker
 with his charges
 just out of frame
 there to the right 

i was wielding
 the iPhone 
no wide angle 
to get them all in 

how much do they charge
 i dont know 
google it 


  1. Daryl, and the white dog is saying "Come on lady, you're being paid to walk us!

  2. Good slice of life, Dar

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  3. I guess they have to walk the dogs rain or shine, snow or heat.

  4. Rate probably pays according to what neighborhood the dogs live in would be my bet.

  5. I suppose the dog walkers have to carry a lot of little bags with them to pick up all that poop. So much more civilized than Paris, huh? I know people love their dogs, but I bet that's pretty expensive. Of course, so is living in New York! LOL

  6. I always see these folks in the city. I guess a great job if you love doggies. Here are some rates I found, a good living can be had here for sure!!

    15 Minute Walks : 10$
    30 Minute Walks : 12$
    45 Minute Walks : 17$
    60 Minute Walks : 21$

    15 Minute Walks : 12$
    30 Minute Walks : 14$
    45 Minute Walks : 19$
    60 Minute Walks : 24$

  7. I always think of Hank Azaria taking care of Murray the dog on the TV show with Helen Hunt and Paul Risser
    I loved their relationship
    adored that dog

  8. The poodle does seem to be telling her to hurry up, but I see the Golden Retriever is taking advantage of the halt for a quick stand-up snooze in the sunshine. Gotta love a Golden.
    I should have been a dog-walker when I was younger and healthier and stronger, but I wasted my life producing newspapers, which afterward became something for puppies to pee on.
    Just think, three dogs for an hour, $63; four dogs, $84 an hour. I could have become fit and strong instead of old and sick. I could have retired rich instead of having a disability pension.
    Who knew?
    Love this shot, Daryl, it gives me to think!

  9. Four dogs at a time may mean lots of dosh, but also lots of pooper scooping :)

  10. ...and what happens when they spot a cat :).

  11. I imagine there are such folks doing the same job here in Portland. Nowadays, I get my pet moments with the neighbor pug named Charlotte when I see her in the hallway with one or both of her people. She's a jolly little wriggle riot.

  12. Even in little old Tulsa the downtown dog situation is getting a little out of hand. We'll be seeing dogwalkers soon I bet.


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