city daily photo theme - street lamp

i almost forgot
 i not been over
 i surely
 would have 
 august 1st

 city daily photo monthly theme day

 this month
 street lamps

 i had the perfect photo

 back in the fall
 after hurricane sandy hit 
toonman and i
 went for a walk 
 riverside park
 to see how things were 

there was a lot of destruction
 lots of downed trees 
whole areas 
as if someone 
had ripped the foliage out 
by the roots
there was

 the 82nd street entrance
 to the park
 this lamp 
took a hit
 the top sheared off
 the bulb
 left dangling by its wiring

its since been repaired
lighting the path for those who enjoy evening strolls

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  1. Daryl, having never been near anything like that storm, thankfully, I find the power of it all to be quite mind boggling.

  2. Hooray! Glad to hear it is fixed. We don't hear much now of how things are after that storm. I hope that the destruction has been sorted now like this lamp of yours.

  3. We watched Sandy in sympathetic horror downunder, being no strangers to killer cyclones. It's sad to see the destruction, but amazing to see the recovery from it!

  4. The damage done was truly unbelievable! I feel so bad for those who lost their homes! Xo

  5. Oh that's a sad sight Daryl..but a great shot for the theme :)

  6. It's amazing how strong the wind can be, isn't it? Glad it's fixed up already.


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