water tower philosophy

 i think
 i am approaching
 featuring water towers every wednesday

 i havent been out and about with the BIG camera
 i got back from paris
 i haven't
many iphone photos
 since i am back

 shooting over 700 photos
 is sort of 
eating too much of something
 you just dont have an appetite for it
 i dont know

 i spent a while 
looking back 
the over 18,000 images
 in iphoto
 to find one
 i knew
 i hadnt posted before 

 its the day 
 the 4th
i still dont have a fourth of july post

 the pressure is enormous
 to find an apropos photo
to channel 
the blather 
to go with it 

i better get in gear
i sure wont be able
on monday
 to produce a toon for tuesday

 i mean
 if you aren't producing yourself

comes in

ponder it!


  1. Interesting...
    Best regards from Paris !


  2. I fear a hiatus! Although you could call it a Summer break.

    Just Drift through your photos, choose one you like, slap a quote under it + BAM, you're me! LOL.

    I like your blather. . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  3. And that right there is pretty much exactly how I ended up on a three month blog break. I'm trying very hard - and very consciously - to keep the pressure off now that I'm back. I post when I have something I want to post, and don't when I don't. Much lower stress this way :).


  4. I think I know what you mean....I used to photograph barns, but I don't find them so interesting anymore. Of course, I believe I photographed nearly every one in two counties! Pressure is no fun and photography should be fun, IMO.

  5. Oh wow.. I hear ya! I love your posts but I agree this should be fun with no struggle or pressure (think that's a note to self!)
    I have personally considered a blog break but I immediately think of how much I'd miss the interaction.
    On a side note , I'm in love with building that has the rounded corners!!

  6. I"m not sure why, but I think this happens to a lot of us in the summer.
    I for one, know I have not had much to say lately, but I have been out with my camera, so I'll just let the photos do the "talking" for a while. xo.

  7. do what you enjoy! I enjoy reading your blog and the photo of the day - the two don't have to go together - life's too short and all that:) to worry about it

  8. I love the water towers, but I'm also a strong believer that you must blog about what excites you. Take a water tower break -- temporary or permanent. This is supposed to be fun, not a burden.

  9. Daryl, pondered! Know what you mean!
    Will look forward to the towers replacement!

  10. I love how the tower is in the background
    I admire your resolve to post every day, I just can't do that any more

  11. Well, I do enjoy the water towers..even if I am not sure why...but then I love your non-water tower pics too, so I will survive if you stop them.
    And just sob quietly for a few moments..in the corner...

  12. You know somtimes you need to digest a little. Between our beach time and our Idaho trip I shot over a 1000 pics plus numerous other cell phone shots. My mind is still trying to deal with those and I'm not wanting to worry about more right now.

    You are too intellectually honest, people don't harangue themselves, if Toonman needs a good haranguing, you are the woman to do it.

    My blog roll is totally messed up. I had to go look for old emails to find you.

    I've been a bad blogger friend.

  13. Since I am catching up, I have seen your blog for the 4th before I read this one. Actually, quite fun sometimes. I won't give it away because I am sure everyone else will view in the correct order :). I love your towers and your photos...so keep them coming, Daryl! You're doing a grand job!!!

  14. You are just too funny, Daryl... I know the feeling, the challenge to post, knowing you thought about posting the photo one time, but then second-guessing yourself...

    Confession: I have not even downloaded all my Paris photos yet - eek!


  15. Heehee! Oh you cannot talk to me about producing...I just gave up on blogging except to keep up with the daily photo with few words and I did gave up trying to get my girls back into doing it....

  16. I know exactly what you mean about over doing something, I used to love shopping..after a trip to Singapore where there are about a zillion shops that you just have to see, I've never shopped the same again..I can't tell you how relieved P is haha!


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