survey sez

i visit
several online shopping sites
 i like seeing
 whats new
 whats on sale

 i even
 need something
 i go shopping
 i prefer doing it
online vs going into a real shop
 its easier for me
 to back out of a web store
 without buying

 before my trip to paris
 i was consumed
 with finding the perfect tote
 i thought i had
in the end
 not so much

 still searching for it
 as well as
 perfect black shoulder bag

 do not confuse the two
 one is a life long campaign
 the other is driven by whim
 i leave it
 to decide
which is which

 as usual i digress
 i almost forgot what sat me down in front of a blank blog post template this morning
 segueing into a paragraph
 about something
 i read
 the original premise
 would return

 it did

 you can scroll down to read about the other 'thought' now
 keep reading
 to the

'the outnet'

while i dont truly love this site
 i must tell you
 about it
 they are very smart
 have excellent customer service
 i did find
 a really cool 'chanel-ish' jacket
 at a price
 i could not resist
 i ordered it
i know once its cool enough
 i will wear it
as often as
 i tote
 the marc jacobs cross body bag
 very much reduced
 hard to pass up
that was my first buy at the outnet

i ordered this jacket
i opted for the slow free shipping
yet it arrived within a few days
it was packed
amid lots of tissue
on a hanger
 a classy looking reusable garment bag
 a free shipping return label
which did not get used

last week
 an email popped up from the outnet
if i would take the time to participate in a survey
 those of you who know me
i love giving feedback
 giving good feedback
 is always a pleasure

color me
 i got not only a phone call
 which sadly i missed
damn phone
 sent it to voice mail
 now there's feedback i would enjoy giving if only at&t would ask
the caller
left a message
thanking me for taking time to respond to the survey
 giving me a $30 credit toward my next purchase for doing so

there was also an email reiterating the message

customer service

who can ignore a nice size credit?

i am not rushing over to shop
 right this minute
the next time i need something
 you know the outnet will be my first stop

 here's what i almost wrote about

 is the tag/name of an artist
 who installs
new york city as well as in los angeles and mexico city
 so far
 i havent spotted any
 its an excellent reason
 looking up

 i read about XAM in a new york times article here

no one asked me
 is paying me
 to say these nice things
truth be told
 i would have told you about the jacket and the outnet anyway

the ny times didnt compensate me either 


  1. I bought a perfect Ameribag 'Baglet' today. So cute, sweet, perfect small bag- miniature version of the famous bigger back saver...but I digress....

  2. Thanks D! Now...after perusing the site...I have found the perfect tote...I just need a couple of thousand. I must have a few sitting around somewhere! :)

    Believe aren't the only one who shops on the internet like that...I do the very same thing!

  3. It's nice to hear about good customer service, it's definitely hard to come by these days.

  4. awww....the quest for the perfect tote/suitcase/carry on....been there, done that for all of those.
    i must check out that web site though..

  5. Do you think that's a ROA in your first shot Daryl on the wall by the bird house. What a fab idea, I really enjoyed reading about it, was an excellent link, merci beaucoup :)

  6. Now that's the place to shop.
    Definitely will be checking it out.
    Thank you!! xo.

  7. Daryl, I happy that someone did something nice for you! You deserve it!

  8. Haha! I am glad you shared your story Daryl, you crack me up. & now I am so hoping you will post a photo of you in said jacket.

  9. Now how did I miss this post earlier???
    I am headed over to check out "outnet" right now...LOVE a good online shopping experience!

  10. Well I don't know about the outnet but why did that surveyor take the helmet off? What if they sky fell? Or the boss came by?

  11. If you knew how many totes I own. I'm still looking for the perfect travel tote/purse/camera bag. Sigh.

    Still loving that postage texture.


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