subway saga*

whining ahead

 let me say
 it usually takes 20 minutes
 for me to get to my office from home
 that said
 for those of you who want to cut to the chase
 it took me an hour
 to do that same trip on wednesday morning 

it started off like any other morning 
harry had overturned the garbage can
 toonman got up with a charleyhorse in his leg
 discovering the mess
 gave harry hell

 i pretended to still be asleep
 it was barely 5:15 
when i got up 15 minutes later 
who usually greets me
 with a loud and continuous cry til he is fed
 was not at the bedroom door
 he was still feeling chastised

 i got the cats fed
 the news/weather turned on
 took my morning meds
 began my morning rituals

 exiting the apartment at exactly 6:50
 as i always do 
arrived at the subway station 
to see the usual 5 minute til the next train is due notice 
 as i always do
 by playing with my iphone

 it seemed as if 5 minutes had passed 
i looked up to see more people waiting
 the next train notice said
 1 minute

 below that 
of another train coming in 3 minutes 
it said

 i should have known then
 things were going to go bad

 when the downtown local arrived 
i got on 
when we pulled into 72nd street
 there was an express sitting across the platform
 a crowd of people
 entered the local

people were playing
 local express roulette
 which one was going to move first

 an announcement
was made
 somewhat garbled
 as usual
 the gist was 
there was a problem at 14th street
there was going to be limited service below 42nd street
 if you were going to brooklyn 
good luck 

 the doors to the local closed
 we were moving 
we made it all the way to 59th street
 by the way 
as we pulled into 66th
 the express 
we however sat at 59th
 an announcement was finally made
 advising riders
 to get off and switch
 to either 
 the 8th avenue lines 

i opted for the bus 

if i had been wearing sensible shoes
 i would have taken the 8th avenue line
walked to my office
 if i had on sensible shoes
 i would have walked from 59th street to 42nd
 it really isnt a bad walk
 i wasnt
 i didnt
 i waited 
 for a bus
 a headache beginning form
my need for a big strong cup of coffee was urgent

 i arrived in the office in a really bad mood at 7:45
 the quadruple expresso i had
 eased the headache somewhat 
the mood
will improve
 the commute home

*edited because the title should read SAGA not Sage .. gah


  1. Aw, sorry, Hon
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. What a pain, I remember some of those moments. The worst one was when there was smoke in the carriage, and we were stopped between stations. Needless to say everyone hastily exited the train when it finally stopped at the next station, and a lovely commuter gave me some tips on how to continue my journey home from the airport by another route. Was glad it hadn't happened on the way out to the airport, taking my sister out to say goodbye to her. And I am glad I never experienced that sort of delay again!!

  3. One of those days! At least it makes for a terrific least that's something. :) Robert and I read it and, after a brief sigh of relief that we don't live and work in London, Robert said, "again the coffee." The coffee culture, which is terrifically strong in Vancouver is just beginning to take on steam here in England and we've been noticing it with our friends and everywhere. (Actually, nothing new to me in Van, but it's interesting how "North American city life" spreads to England eventually thru venues like reality TV and Sbux.) By the way, the nearest Sbux is 10 miles away in Oxford as opposed to 4 within 5 blocks in Van! :(

  4. Things like this happen to me when I am in a hurry. Recently my flight from Belgrade to Paris was delayed 30 minutes....and I had in Paris only an hour to make my connection to Toulouse, so I literally RAN to the counter without picking up my boarding card at the transfer desk..... turned out the Toulouse flight was late 20 minutes....

  5. How annoying. The government here want more people to use public transport, but it's so unreliable that those who have to get to work just can't afford to use it. :(

  6. I couldn't believe your morning adventures --what a horrible way to start the day.

  7. I always wondered how folks got to work with possible issues with the subway. I guess the key is give yourself enough time for other options. I know when I visit for the week, I don't miss driving myself but then again I am not in a hurry to be anywhere specific at a certain time. Sounds crazy but it is the beauty that is NYC !!


  8. At least you had your iPhone which can help pass some time....if only you had coffee.
    Poor Harry, it sounds like he had a bad start to his day as well.

  9. Gah indeed! You are more than entitled to have a whinge about that 'orrible start to the day Daryl, I can only hope the day improved after that and the trains had sorted themselves out before you went home :)

  10. I hope you are a morning person. I used to start work at 7am, which involved leaving home at 6am. I drove my own car, but commuter traffic in the Vancouver area was awful. Sometimes I just barely made it, but I refused to leave home any earlier, because I would still have been asleep.
    This was long before cellular phones and, when I was working for the city dailies, I'd be sent home if I arrived more than 5 minutes late. In a department with 350 employees, one more or less didn't make any difference. Strangely enough, with computer technology, that number has dropped to 7. Yes, seven. They were all apprentices when I worked there.

  11. Ugh, what a bad way to begin your day!
    I sure hope your commute home is trouble free. xo.

  12. Good grief! Glad this doesn't happen too often for you. It would drive me crazy!!!

  13. quadruple expresso....oh my, that is serious!
    Still I love that pic of the station. But be careful, you might get arrested for butt shooting.

  14. Where are the subway sages when you need them?

  15. My sincerest condolences on a crappy start to your day. As much as I like subways, and as good as the service usually is in most (despite the bitching by many), there is little as aggravating and vexing as being stuck in the subway and going nowhere. And I agree with caite - love the photo of the station. Great perspective.

  16. I do hope your day ended on a much nicer note:(


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