my aching back

no good deed

toonman has a horrible cold
 with a bad cough and fever
 he also couldnt stand the air conditioning in the living room 
is on energy saver
 set on low at 77 degrees 
during yesterday's over 90 degree heat and humidity

 to combat the 'cold air'
 he put on
 a long sleeved tee shirt 
under a wool shirt
 long pants
 he went into the bedroom
 got into bed 
 the sheet 
cotton blanket
down comforter 

 i turned off the bedroom air conditioner
 staying in the living room
 with the cool air
 i slept on the couch 
which is a love seat
 a two seater 

 this morning
 my back
 let me know
 how much
 it didnt like my being a selfless wife

 we're going to have to compromise tonite
 i cant sleep on the love seat again 
 he's still coughing and sneezing

 aint love grand?


  1. Yep, it certainly is grand. No doubt about it. My dearly departed husband, gone since April 14, 1983, gave me all the evidence of that statement's truth that I'll ever need.

  2. look at that fluff!

    Oh yes, husbands; Can't live with them.....or without them

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  3. Hope he is well soon, or you'll have to sleep on the floor.
    Sympathy and understanding,

  4. Oh Daryl! I'd lend you one of our air mattresses but we've just found out this weekend that they both have leaks! Oh dear, hope you both feel better and get a good night's sleep. :)

  5. Oh poor Daryl and poor GUY! A summer cold is just nasty. Hope the back is better and the sneezing-n-wheezing!

  6. Oh dear. We are not sleep compatible, cold or no cold. We have extra rooms and beds, which I realize you don't have in your apartment. Poor you and poor sick toonman. I hope you both feel better soon.

  7. Aw what a selfless thing you did, but a bad back is not good. Maybe you could sleep naked on top of the bed while Ray sleeps tucked up under the covers? That may cure his shivers. ;)

  8. At first glance I thought your title said 'my arching back' and I thought oi! oi! this is going to a be a juicy post haha! Poor Toonman, that flu is no fun at all!

  9. Oh poor darlings - both of you! Just hope today wasn't your anniversary.

  10. This is easy to solve, just throw another comforter on top of him and turn the AC down. 77 is very warm in my book.

  11. oh no! sounds quite miserable for you both. hope you are both feeling better sooner rather than later.

  12. that is just drop-dead gorgeous. what a wonderful pic daryl. by the way, hello. its been such a long time. cheers!!

  13. Daryl, what a dilemma in a Porridge hot/Porridge cold kind of way! But I do sympathize! My other half and I have been fighting for the couch the past few days too! Nothing worse than a summer cold.
    Hope Toonman is better soon and your back survives the ordeal!

  14. Heat is bad enough without a cold. Get your vitamin C and some fresh air however hot.

  15. I have my daughter and family here now and have been using the air conditioner more than I usually do. I have a sore throat....caught cold...

  16. at least the kitty is sleeping well! lol

  17. What we don't do for those we love!
    Sure hope your back is feeling better soon, Daryl, and I hope Toonman is better today. xo.

  18. Awww what we'd all give to sleep like a cat does. Poor both of you. Give him the super comfy couch (it would be with all his comforters and stuff) and take the nice cool bedroom tonight. He can turn off the air out in the living room. Of course, if you're getting the same temperatures that we are, you should be cooling off a fair bit tonight anyway. Hopefully he won't want the heat.

    Feel better soon, Toonguy!

  19. you are a very good wife Daryl! I hope you are both feeling better by the time you read this.

  20. PS I see someone was taking up a big part of your loveseat too!

  21. I truly hope Toonman is feeling much better by now! Summer colds stink!


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