just another day

so today
 as i write this 
is our anniversary
still pretty much
just another day

 toonman's been under the weather
 tho on the mend
 we didnt go out to dinner
 there aren't many places left to go
 he can be very fussy about what he likes to eat

 i wanted to order pizza 
i figured 
what the heck
 lets eat all the carbs 
i normally avoid

 turns out
 the neighborhood staple for 51 years
 closed its doors on monday
 farewell to big nick's

 the other pizza places 
serve thin crust pies
 toonman doesnt like thin crust

 i dont really even feel hungry 
 i think a glass of wine will do it for me 

took this on the way home 
i walked up from 72nd street
snapping pix of the ansonia
the sky was still bright
 the clouds were fluffy 

here see for yourself


  1. Oh I loved Big Nicks when I stayed at the Olcott!!!
    Funny, my (blog invisible) husband is a picky eater too, so I "do" lunch with friends (or even happily alone). Love you both. Happy Anniversary with warm
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  2. It's always a bit of a sad day when a favorite eating establishment closes its doors. Totally a bummer.

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  3. Happy Anniversary, I hope that Toonman feels better soon.

  4. I sure hope that Toonman is "good as new" real soon, Daryl.
    It's sad about the restaurant closing, and I'm with Toonman about the pizza crust!! xo.

  5. Sorry about big nicks..but I do like thin crust!

  6. wishing you a wonderful Anniversary - hope the Toonman feels well enough to celebrate one day this week!
    Lovely photo!

  7. Daryl, great shot of that grand building!
    My goodness, what a disaster, loosing a favourite eatery! Hope you find a new one!

  8. happy belated birthday. so sorry to hear toonman is still feeling out of sorts and your favorite pizza place closed! that's just a big bummer.

  9. happy anniversary to you both!
    I think Walter Matthau stayed in the Ansonia - in the Sunshine Boys. I just saw (most of) the movie for the first time the other day and even though I fell asleep, I wish I hadn't - it was so funny!
    anyway, funny coincidence that I should find a picture of it here just a couple of days later.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

  11. Hope Toonman is feeling better, and that you had a lovely anniversary, despite the loss of Nick's. Love the color in those windows reflecting the sky...

  12. How did I miss this? (Writing this on Thursday) I guess I have been a little preoccupied with that wisdom tooth of mine which is now out. Hope your Toonman is a-ok now and Happy Anniversary to you both!

  13. Sometimes I think we put too many expectations on these days don't you Daryl..P had his birthday this week and the family wanted a PARTY..but P who's not that keen on big parties and loves walking went on a loooong bushwalk to contemplate being one year older :) I say on these occasions you have to do what you fancy, its your day right :)

  14. Happy day! It sounds like it should have been a wine and popcorn kind of evening. :) Love the blue windows. Hope Toonman is perking up.

  15. So how many years together Daryl? Happy Anniversary to you both! Ours is soon too. xo


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