jack russells on the move

on the afternoon 
i wandered Paris 
on my own
 my landmark
 so as not to get lost 
the hotel de ville
 you can read about it here 
 as i was walking from there
 across one of the ponts 
i spotted
 these two jack russell terriers
at their leashes
 hopping along 
in their excitement
 as we know 


  1. When in Paris are they not Jacques Russells?

  2. Always loved the energy of a jack Russell!

  3. Lots of people in our area have these busy little dogs because they are such great rodent hunters. I doubt these two had anything to hunt in the streets of Paris, but probably had dreams of it.

  4. I absolutely love them and their energy Daryl, but a friend of mine owns one, Roger, and she also belongs to the Jack Russel Survivors Association here in the city. Believe me, she needs it. That little thing can run up walls if he feels like it, and does...for hours at a time! There are loads of working Jacks in the country in England but they are outdoor dogs, not cuddly, friendly, family pets, and some I've met can be a bit nasty. My grandmother always had fox terriers, possibly a slightly more sane option for a city dog.

  5. Absolutely Daryl, yappy little dogs, my sister had one a while back it used to go crazy when anyone was swimming in the pool. I wonder if French Jack Russel's do the same or are they a bit more sophisticated :)

  6. Jacks are very excited dogs.
    I like calmer pups myself.

  7. jaunty is the word that immediately comes to mind

  8. keeping up with Teas-e was always a problem..
    but with age she has become more manageable

    Jacks need a lot of space to burn off some of
    that energy.

  9. I really like jack russells. Enthusiasm, man!

  10. We have three mutts who love to walk in slightly different directions just as your dogs are doing. Great photo.

  11. Half of our Jack is Jack Russell.
    So sweet!


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