its a scorcher

for the m104 bus
tuesday morning
7 a.m. 

missed the 6:56
 the next
due at 7:18 
 arrived at 7:17

 it was frigid inside the bus
 outside in the shade 
it was really hot

 we are having the longest heatwave in 12 years 

 cant remember that far back
 cant remember
  july 6, 2010
 when it hit 103


i googled it here


  1. 103? Gah!

    We're having one of the cooler July's I can remember - it's barely hitting 90 most days. We were at a concert in the park last night and it was downright cool and comfortable, where this same event last night was so incredibly hot and humid that some photos and cards I'd brought to sell were literally sopping wet by the end of the night (and obviously ruined - won't be making that mistake again!).

  2. Shhh, we're having an actual summer in England. An actual summer!!! With sandals and sunblock and summer dresses and everything! Hasn't happened million years! I saw your lovey photo and the first thing I thought was Go sun, GO! (OK, maybe 103 is a bit ridiculous) :)

  3. So far I am not bothered by the heat...
    the house AC is working just fine.

  4. We have summer here at the moment in Germany too and honestly I prefer more colder temperatures.I can understand you because I don´t like such heatwaves!Nevertheless I wish you a nice day!

  5. Stay as cool as you ARE, Dar!
    Nice Summer City shot

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  6. My grandmother used to use the expression "It's a scorcher" quite a lot, and I can't remember anyone else doing so, or else it's just sort of regional and people 'out west' where I lived from 13-on don't use it. She also used to tell me I could fry an egg on our flagstones, but I never tried. Shoulda.

  7. We are only around 90 degrees, but the humidity and the summer thunderstorms are killing us. Have had 12 inches of rain this month. Stay as cool as you can and drink lots of water whenever outdoors. That's my advice.

  8. We've had 9 days of continuous sunshine, I'm waiting for the Government to declare and drought and a hosepipe ban. ;)

    1. Sorry that should read 'declare a drought.....'

  9. There probably isn't a better suited word than "gah."

  10. Daryl, don't you just hate those mornings when you go at early and it's hot already and you just know it's going to be a burner!
    We don't get them out here on this coast. Our nights always cool down to a reasonable temp. Not like there, where it still 90 at 2am.
    We had a sprinkle of rain the night before last. just enough to wet everything! That's the first rain we have had this month.

  11. The power went out in the town where I work today. The power company said it would be repaired in a few hours so we all went home because it began to get hot and we actually couldn't work without our computers. We did what we could for about an hour and a half and then . . . home to the AC here. I don't know what I would do without AC. I would be a dripping mess. An angry, sad, dripping . . . oh hell. A complete mess.

  12. Just hope the electricity supply holds out for you all. Can't imagine heat like that without air conditioning. Super photo!

  13. Oh, so our son gets back to the City for the heat wave continuation. While here in NE Oregon, our temps dropped to the mid-80's and humidity was low. He just shrugged it off and said he didn't need the fan or AC at night because he was accustomed to the heat. Not so his younger brother! Or his parents! ;-) We're in the 90's during the day but 30-40 degrees cooler at night and early morning.

  14. I can feel the heat of the sun in your photograph. A couple of weeks ago when we went to Idaho it was in the mid 90's and we were dying. Here in Tulsa with our supersize AC's it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

  15. There's something very odd going on around the world weatherwise don't you think Daryl?


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