weekend blather

so how was your weekend?
 happy belated father's day to all the dads out there
 toonman told me he wasnt my father, really?
  he did speak to both his daughters and our 'son' joseph 
the cats on the other hand
 were not very celebratory
 harry stole a hunk of cheddar cheese off the kitchen counter
 got cornered 
(dummy ran to the bedroom window sill to hide)
 got swatted
 for his misbehavior 

not to worry
 the swat wasn't very hard
 he was not at all repentant
 that nervy boy curled up on toonman's desk chair
 less than 5 minutes
being chased around the apartment 

there was the usual amount of beautification™
this week the nails/toes are hot pink

not many photos were taken
i was extremely lazy
i did some reading 
finished an excellent
fantasy/time travel novel
the first
 of a series called
 Bright Empire by Stephen Lawhead
The Skin Map
dont let the title put you off
it was quite a good read

 i read Carole King's autobiography
Natural Woman
she's led a very interesting life
i think
 she could have used
 a better
 as the second half of the book felt

when i get into reading mode i really devour a book

oh yeah
i have this love of bad movies
i grew up watching 'B' movies
unlike a lot of people i loved
the english patient
escape from new york
towering inferno
most recently
 i hoped
 to love
the movie version
 dark shadows
in my opinon
 not even
johnny depp
could save it

i also love animation
we watched
two fun/good movies this weekend via netflix
a monster of paris
totally charming
 fabulously animated
 with great voices
 we watched
hansel and gretel witch hunters
it was terrifically bad
so bad
 it was good
 it had
 jeremy renner

hey if you're still here you deserve this as compensation for sitting through all that blather
parc des buttes chaumont

i need to add
to this post
i needed to learn the name of the paris park
 i took that shot in
so i went to my blog list
 .. that one over there on the right ...
clicked on genie's blog
 got an error message
 that i needed an RSS reader
 i refreshed
the error message appeared
 i went and got an RSS app
 no idea
 what it does or how it works
i clicked
 nothing happened
 i am now repeating
 i dont understand
i dont understand
 its is my WTF mantra
 i still dont know
 but it seemed to go back to 'normal'
i was able to click/read blogs
 on my list

 has anyone else had this WTF moment with blogger?
gah i wish i could kick blogger to the curb

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