weekend at home

back to reality
 back home
 weekend rituals 
 with the added bonus 
a blogger
 after being 'friends' online 
for about 2 years

i had the pleasure of meeting 
face to face

so her real name 
 i am not sure
 she would feel comfortable 
 her real name 
here in cyberspace 

her friend Iris
 (not Iris, Jill, apologies to Jill if she's reading this)
 took the photo

 they are both book review bloggers 
 i didnt know or read Jill's' blog
 i have been reading 'Beth's' 
getting some wonderful recommendations
 for myself
for books to give others

we met at 
 on west 77th street
 we had tasty frittatas topped with lox
(salt cured smoked salmon to those of you who dont know)
 in charming surroundings 
 she and Jill were planning on visiting the museum

 caffè storico
 has been open about 18months
 i believe its opening
 with the renovations the ny historical society building underwent 
you dont have to belong to or even go to the museum 
to dine in the cafe 
there's a fun gift shop to explore 
as well

it was
brunch was really good
we both indulged

two scoops
 pineapple and salted chocolate 

come on 
tell me
 you could have passed that up

i dont believe you


  1. How cool! I love meeting other bloggers face to face!! You already have a special relationship! That dessert looks fabulous!

  2. that sorbet looks almost as good as your pic at top!!!! Come see my Saturday tomorrows post :)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. How fun that you and Beth got to meet up!

    Great looking cafe too.

  4. good that you are back to your regular routine, including meeting the most interesting people! It has been hot here too...making that dessert look so yummy! I couldn't or wouldn't have passed on it-

  5. No way I would have passed up the dessert or lunch with a blogger friend!

  6. It was such a lovely restaurant and it was even better to meet you in person! One of the highlights of my week in the city. My husband was thrilled with his New-York Historical Society Museum hat.

  7. What fun! I really must make BEA a priority next year.

  8. I'd rather eat dessert than any other part of the meal :) Looks like fun times Daryl.

  9. If it even resembles ice cream, there's no passing it up for me!
    Sounds like a really fun time! xo.

  10. How wonderful you were able to meet up with a fellow blogger. I'm still hoping we will get to NYC and we can meet up too. x

  11. What fun! Venue and food looks pretty nice. (I feel like you have introduced me to your mate, Genie. When I was doing a marathon blog hop on Saturday, I recognized Genie's photo straight off from your Paris shots. Cheers, Daryl :).

  12. sounds wonderful, never pass up dessert, That, I could of made a meal of.
    does it feel good to be back in the routine?

  13. What fun..especially with a cool dessert!

  14. Hold the lox, but I wouldn't say
    no to the sorbet..

    Glad you are back in the routine.
    I missed my daily Daryl fix.!!

  15. Daryl, Back to reality you say, but reality is the weekend in New York. Wow, what a great reality!

  16. I love the lox and no, I wouldn't have passed on that dessert. Great you got to meet new friends.

  17. NO. No way I would have passed that up that sorbet. Looks like a wonderful outing.

  18. This looks fun and I definitely would have tried the delicious sounding sorbet.
    PS Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my guest post over at Rosemary's blog.


  19. Sounds like fun, and an excellent place to meet. But salted chocolate? That's a new one for me.

  20. Love the perspective and focus of that dining shot!


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