water tower

 to me it feels right
 so very gritty

those two 
 huddling together
 against the bleak sky
 i suppose this looks
 like it was shot in winter
it was
 back in january of '12 

those dark windows
 are in an office building
 if memory serves
 good luck 
 its in the columbus circle area
 west 59th street-ish

i was there yesterday 
new dentist is on west 57th
he's a cosmetic dentist
i am so vain
well yes i am

its not about vanity 
so much
 as its about repairing
 the gap
 the dental surgery

 the temporary


the finished enamel 
will be done in about 3 weeks

makes me dizzy 


  1. gorgeous, and only you would notice the 'gap'...hate the hours spent at the dentist, don't you?

  2. these towers look like twins.
    & you have a lovely smile Daryl even if it does make you dizzy.
    ; )

  3. I totally understand the desire to get your teeth right.

  4. I'm vain too, I don't mind admitting, when it comes to my teeth, my hair, my looks...... let's face it I'm just vain full stop. LOL

  5. Any thing to do with teeth makes me dizzy....
    But the water towers calm me down. :-)

  6. Great smile!

    Love the tones in this shot! xo.

  7. Hi pretty girl! I'm in love with New York water towers since I started reading your blog. I never really thought of them, not really ever having explored New York City, just the state, and never really though about their significance, importance, part of the cultural history etc. And, never really saw them as so sculptural. So cool. I'm in the land of the cleanest, freshest, plenty-est water, so no water towers around; just sparkling lakes as reservoirs. So the other point to this comment...lol...I hate the dentist so also want to say "Hi brave girl." Ugh, I had all my metal fillings changed to porcelain ones...vanity, yes, but mostly to ward off osteoarthritis, and, after I parked a reasonably size luxury car in my mouth, it was all very worth it. Hugs and sweet tea for you. :)

  8. Daryl, That's a great pair! I with you on the starkness!
    Glad your getting your dental issues dealt with. I hate the dentist!

  9. When was the last time someone told you that you had a great pair?! Ha ~

    Cool necklace . . .

  10. OOH! The tooth looks great! Isn't it a PAIN! (sorry, pun intended!) Always love the water tower.We have one-THE ONLY ONE IN TOWN-across the street from us. Multiples seems odd to me as in I can't EVEN imagine!
    Have to tell you that your last photo is how I feel most days of my life! whew!

  11. Looking good! Cosmetic dentistry is worth every penny!

  12. Dizzy! Hah (I love gritty also :)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  13. Love the photo of the water towers. And you, my dear, are lovely. xo

  14. Beautiful, deep black shades in that water tower shot. And congrats on the successful dental work!

  15. I caught myself using the word 'beautification' today :). Nice dental work to go with your gorgeous nails.


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