toonsday - no air travel involved ...


  1. Is it possible that Toonman is like moi, terrified of flying...hey there's no shame in that haha!

  2. Ha. I like Dianne's comment.
    I am beginning to take another look at the whole flying thing, wondering if my responsibility as a tree-hugging anti-big-oil semi-active activist is to give up flying around the world. In the first place, I hate long flights, and in the second, I wonder if I'm being environmentally irresponsible by encouraging the use of all that jet fuel.
    My husband says the plane is going to go to Europe or South America or wherever anyway, with or without me, but still...

  3. Am with you, T Man. Why fly when she shares it so well? :-)
    I moved somewhere I like stay. The world visits us.


  4. You bet they do, Toonman!!!
    You always make me smile on Tuesdays! :-)

  5. You bet they count. As far as I'm concerned, if you've been to Brooklyn you can count it as foreign travel.

  6. Of course they count! (But why don't you go with her? I would!!)

  7. Wow, TM. Those two places are on the opposite ends of the continent . . . but yes, they actually do count. I'll give you that. xo

  8. Of course they count! But if I were you, I'd stow away in her baggage next time.


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