steve mcqueen

isnt he handsome
slightly shorter 

remember weeks ago
when i posted
his girlfriend 
ali macgraw?


  1. Love the dog. Lindy isn't interested in balls. She likes animal-shaped squeaky toys and uses them in the house for communication, usually, "Oh, look, look, you're here!" which is mostly reserved for Dick, then me, then Bonnie who comes every second Friday to clean, so that makes her family in Lindy's eyes. (We think so, too.)

  2. Daryl, he's perfect! Almost identical to my old buddy "Ricki" Such sweet dogs!

  3. What a sweet guy -- never goes anywhere without his ball!

  4. I love that some people have the best sense when they name their dogs. Not sure I ever told you but Chloe has a little part time job grooming dogs at PetSmart, (only one day/week while she's in full time uni, but it keeps her in hair dressers and pantyhose...well, actually rock climbing gear and petrol to get to the cliffs), but she maintains that the pit bulls are her sweetest, most gentle clients. (I swear that girl will end up with 17 dogs at one point in her life)

  5. He is very handsome. I would take him home with me in a heartbeat...well, if I didn't already have 2 dogs.

  6. That's just one happy dog. We have one that always has a ball in his mouth... happiest pup we've ever had. With a name like that you know he's gotta be good looking.

  7. Steve and Ali...ahhhh! it's a 'love story' haha! He's a handsome devil Daryl, hope he can keep that 'flirt' of a girlfriend in line :)

  8. Steve reminds me of our dog Munchie! Only Steve is a city slicker and Munchie is a country pup!

  9. he is so handsome, and clearly an athlete

  10. I DO remember Ali, and how nice to get to meet Steve! :-)


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