rent a ride

in paris
 where this was taken
 there are many many velib 'stations'
 you rent a bike
 use it for 30 minutes
 drop it off 
at any of the 1,800 velib stations in the city
 pick up another
 you can do this as many times a day as you like
 you only get to use each bike for 30 minutes
 thats not a bad deal
 for the sum of 1.70 Euros for the day
 you can buy a weekly pass for 8.00 Euros

read all about it here

here in nyc
 a similar a similar program 
began recently
 its called citibike
 there's a 45 min limit per bike 
you can drop off/pick up
as many times a day as you like for
24 hours
7 day pass

you can read about it here

of course 
here in nyc
 there's a lot of controversy

 people are whining
 about the bike stations
 being intrusive, 
taking up parking spaces, 
people who really dont know how to ride a bike in traffic 
one thing 
i agree with
 there's no 'rule'
 that one must wear a bike helmet 


 people who have no clue how to ride in traffic
 are out there
 without helmets

 i predict a lot of head injuries 

just sayin'


  1. very cool-looking bikes,cheap transportation and good exercise, but helmets should be mandatory.
    Especially in NYC...if the powers that be can regulate the size soda one can drink for 'health' reasons surely they can force one to wear a helmet. just sayin'
    And a penny more - helmets are mandatory even here in backwards little ol' WV:)

  2. We've got a system like that here in Tel Aviv too, it's been wildly popular.

    Jay used one of the velib bikes in Paris last summer, something went wrong in the translation and it charged him about 70 euros for the day! Unfortunately he didn't figure it out in time and we ended up eating it. At least he enjoyed the day out (stuck on a long stopover between Tel Aviv and Boston).

  3. no helmet on a bike!?!! drop an egg from a foots height and see what happens to it! same happens to one's skull in a collision with a car or lamp post or if one just falls down bad...grey brain matter on a pavement ain't pretty, trust me. and one's experience in biking anywhere has no relevance to not wearing a helmet, traffic is full of other people who have no business in being there in the first place.

    there should be a clause in insurance policies that if one doesn't wear a helmet when biking (motor or no motor) the insurance won't cover any medical expenses in case of accident.

    whoa. well, maybe it's not entirely that black and white, but you get my drift...

  4. Great picture with a good perspective...
    Those "Velib" are a succesfull experience.
    Best regards from Paris,


  5. What a great idea! Not wearing a helmet is just crazy though.

  6. Taking up parking spaces! Awww, poor entitled SUV drivers. They need the WHOLE world.

  7. cool shot! i can see why some might have a problem with it. there are lots of people who don't use common sense.

  8. I saw some of these last time I was in NYC, but I did not know that you could drop them off at another location.
    I think this is a wonderful idea! xo.

  9. Neat concept! I agree with the helmet rule's needed! And if you don't know how to ride in heavy traffic...don't! You are more of a road hazard and likely to end up squashed like a bug by some overzealous driver!

  10. I do agree with you, Daryl, about the helmets. To be honest, I would haven't even thought about it until you mentioned. Otherwise, love the concept.

  11. Riding 2 wheels in NYC is crazy for anyone but locals or visiting expert riders.
    Waikiki is plagued by visitors on mopeds, and yes, there are accidents. Why is Bloomberg silent about no helmets?!

    Aloha - and look out pedestrians!

  12. they look like really cool bikes too!

  13. Same sort of deal here in Boston (I forget what they call it.) Same sorts of complaints, too. Bikers and drivers look at each other as mortal enemies around here.

  14. You're spot on wouldn't be allowed here for sure.

  15. I tremble at the very thought of riding a bike in NYC, but I think it's a great idea for those with a better chance of surviving it.

  16. I for one would be scared to death to ride a bike in NYC! Helmets should be a must!

  17. it sounds like a good idea except for the lack of helmets. yikes. that just seems terribly imprudent.


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