nothing to grouse about

nothing to grouse about
from the weather

 amazing isnt it 

not the weather 

 i have nothing to whine about

 i am looking forward to starting my fridaycations
 even tho half day fridays 
 began with memorial day weekend
 i had just returned from
 2 weeks of vacation
 it didnt seem right 
to take off fridays
 just then

my bosses 
are all on either
 business trips
 business trip combined with vacation
 so being here
 in the office 
almost all alone
 is sort of like a vacation


 can you hear that? 


 its lovely
 no phones ringing 
no meetings or conference calls to deal with
 its really lovely

 my office has air conditioning
 we havent done at home yet
 so we did get the bedroom air going
 when that nasty heatwave hit 
 damp chilly
hot humid

 the livingroom air can wait

 what else 

this past weekend
 i decided i needed a new bra 
i have been shopping at town shop
 for as long as i can remember 
when i asked for my favorite wacoal bra
 i learned i hadnt bought new bra since 2007
 which apparently is when they discontinued the style i like best

 i get that i am no longer 20
 not the target audience
 most bra makers aim for

 i love lacy sexy undies 
as much as the next woman
 for all day
 every day

 i dont want to be adjusting the straps
the underwire
digging into my shoulder or ribcage

 it took a woman close to my age
 to find me 
a new favorite 
 had smooth cups
 thin/narrow straps 

i tried on a lot of bras
 i hate trying things on
 almost a whine there

 in the end 
i bought a black and a nude
 that met all my needs 
didnt cost an arm and a leg

 is my new go-to
 bet me
 they discontinue this before i need another

this photo
 reminded me
bra cup

 its actually 
the stained glass dome
 galleries lafayette


  1. this is GORGEOUS!
    every girl needs their go-to bra - glad to hear you found a replacement.
    ; )

  2. VERY satisfying to find a good one!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. We shoulda looked at bras in Paris!!! Would you mind sharing the item # svp?

  4. One of things I *hate* shopping for. Congrats on finding a good one. Love the dome! I'm whining about the rain today.

  5. All my bras look like ones that you should never wear again, because if you're in an accident and they need to cut your clothes off your mother will be totally embarrassed. Beth, I too HATE shopping for bras! (Obviously!)

  6. Well you got it all covered on this post from getting Fridays off to new bras.

  7. LOL -a bra cup! Nice shot of the stained glass dome.

  8. Made me giggle about the image being a bra cup ... but a beauty nevertheless!

  9. Ah the lament of most woman, the finding of a comfortable bra is almost as difficult as finding the holy grail haha! I must remember that..Chantelle, I wonder if I can get them here, one thing you can't buy online is a bra, unless you're soo sure of the size oui! Now Galleries Lafayette had zillions of gorgeous bras!
    p.s. the giraffe video was brilliant, loved the bit right at the very end when the two that were holding all the others as they dived, just plopped off..merci beaucoup for that Daryl.

  10. 2007? LOL And I thought I hated bra shopping. Glad you found a new fave - better stock up on those, just in case. LOVE that photo!

  11. I'd love a bra that looked like that stained glass dome.
    I bought two (expensive) new bras (one black, one nude) before we went on our last trip (across the Atlantic to Italy). When one piece of our luggage was stolen on the Naples-to-Rome train, it contained, besides our laundry and my wallet, my two new bras, neither of which I intended to wear for the flight home. My resolution? I'm never going to spend that kind of money on brassieres again.

  12. Daryl, sorry, not my subject, but I hate Bra shopping too! Standing in that dept. looking like a sore thumb!

  13. I thought I recognised that dome - what a stunning photo!

  14. You know something? You are amazing! Loved it ALL.

  15. enjoy your quiet fridays. they sound nice. bra shopping....sigh...nuff said.

    the dome must have been breathtaking to see in person.

  16. That photo is gorgeous, Daryl. .I dislike bra shopping too

  17. I've been in your office when it was quiet (over the end of year holidays last December). It made such an impression on my son (the office, not so much the quiet which he gets plenty of around here), that NYC is a place he'd love to work in after college.

    Before it's all said and done, many of the Blog Fest children (Big Hair's, Mental P.'s and others) will be right there under your wing. Or at least within shoutin' distance.

  18. *chortle* only you could possibly see 'unmentionables' in the dome of Galeries Lafayette! (I feel your pain, however). Enjoy your quiet office--summer passes far too quickly...

  19. Gotta keep the "girls" happy! :-)

    Glad you found a replacement for your favorite. xo.

  20. Ha! I have been scared to death that my favorite and only style bra I have worn for the last ? years will be discontinued....and it is a Chantelle:) Hope you didn't jinx it!


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