lindy's parisian cousins

my blog friend
 Kay L. Davies
her husband Dick
 are owned by a wonderful pup called

 on the day
 Peter, Genie, Mary and i explored the 16th 
 i came upon these two
 Lindy look-a-alikes

 they didn't know one another 
in the way of dogs
 all around the world
 they paused to say hello

 i wish the second shot was less fuzzy
 its not 

thats what happens
 when you are walking quickly 
while trying to capture a moment
 you know
 will be over
 you can actually
 stop to focus sharply

 i know


 to meet


  1. they do look like Lindy
    so sweet and loving and kind

  2. You know Daryl, I've always had malamutes. I love them and, to me, there isn't a more beautiful dog in the world, and so I always look at/pet/mush other people's malamutes. They all look so different to me. But every time I see any other dog, like poodles or goldens, they all look the same. What am I like?

  3. I have had a few goldens in my life and they are still the best in my opinion:) Just don't tell Kaja I said that:)

  4. My very favorite breed :) So loving!!

  5. They are wonderful dogs, and these two are beauties!!

  6. Both beautiful but love that white face on the right!

  7. Haha! I wonder what they're thinking as they suss each other Francais of course :)

  8. You don't see many GOldens in paris. I took one outside a shop too and guess what? Blurry as all get out.

  9. I live that first pic...such a cute pair.

  10. Somehow, soft focus seems quite appropriate for those two.


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