fellow dogs

on the way up the street
 the other morning
 i had to stop
 read the note
 to a tree

 it made me laugh out loud
 made me shake my head
 all the dog poop
one carefully 
steps around
 on the otherwise
 parisian streets 

where dogs are numerous
 allowed in restaurants
 if any 
 cleaned up 


  1. My sister's FIL has been talking for 30 years about how much dog poop there is on streets of Paris. It doesn't sound like things have changed much.

  2. Oh yes, I had forgotten how one has to look down!

  3. The note made me laugh - the dog poop not so much! ;-)

  4. Yuck, I remember all that dog poop in Paris. I just don't understand. Between that and the cigarette smoke, I know there were at least 2 things I didn't enjoy about that beautiful city.

  5. Isn't that just great. Interesting about the customs in Paris :).

  6. I remember seeing the "dog pooper scoopers" walking the streets of Paris with their shovels and bags! Surely there can be a happy medium! lol Love the sign.

  7. if dogs could read it would all be good

  8. ah! so the vaunted French are shod in dog waste, unlike New Yorkers? DO tell!

    oh! and wonderful note.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  9. Ha, that's good. And for Parisian poo, I remember when I lived there, one young Frenchman was going around for a while marking 'les crottes de chien' with little flags on toothpicks. Here's a link, if you read French, where it says the street cleaners are doing the same.

  10. Funny note...made me laugh! I've never been to Paris, but will be sure to pay attention and look down if/when I ever go...lol!

  11. A much better approach than a "Curb Your Dog!" sign. I love dogs, but I wouldn't enjoy dodging their mess, even those messes were in Paris.

  12. Now this is a polite way to ask dog owners to please direct their dogs away from the tree and flowers! Shouldn't have to even do that in my opinion but at least we have improved in the scooping the poop department!


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