but ...

 i cant remember
 if i posted
 these two before
 even if i did
 i know
 i didnt give them
 a classic topaz black and white effect

 it was crowded
 on the street
 that day
 i was schlepping stuff
 that slowed
 me down

 so i never did get ahead of them
to get a better look

Updated to add

those loons
 in California
had a contest
ugliest dog in the world

how mean!

this is the winner
 a boxer/beagle/doxie mix

Wally, i think you are far from ugly
odd maybe
but not ugly

what do you think?


  1. He reminds me of an article I saw today on Yahoo about "poodle cats"! I like the POV and I really like the Topaz B&W. I need to do some b&w work.

  2. Sweet lambykins!

    As you surely noticed, I am the queen of rear portraits :-)

    Aloha, D

  3. but ...
    that made me giggle
    sweet photo
    there is something endearing about people - and dogs - walking away

  4. wally isn't at all ugly - just unfortunate breeding, but I think he is kinda cute

  5. That contest upset Andrew while he was watching tv. It really is mean and I don't think this dog is ugly at all. Yes - the first one looks like lamb fur.

  6. I don't see a bit of ugly in Wally! Those Chinese crested's....that's ugly! However, if they're sweet dogs, who cares??

  7. And there I was, thinking that the title fitted the image to a T.

  8. Daryl, Butt Butt!!
    I don't think Wally is ugly at all. I think the people who called him that "Are!"
    From you shot he looks a lot like a Basset Hound cross!

  9. Wally is ADORABLE! I don't like that "ugly dog" contest!

    And yes, I agree, the dog in your photo reminds me of a lamb and this is coming from someone who has raised sheep!

  10. Long legs on that curly guy up there and that little one...he is just too lovable!

  11. Funnily enough there are times when I look at some babies and think 'oh my!' but I've never looked at an animal and thought 'how ugly' does that make me a bad person haha! Wally is a cutie pie, it's not his fault his genes were put in the mix :)

  12. I saw a great Newfoundland dog at the vet's yesterday and though of your great dog portraits. Wally is a homely fellow, but he isn't nearly as ugly as the previous winners.


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