a mostly lovely weekend

it was a mostly lovely weekend 
the weather cooperated nicely
 the temps were temperate
 the skies were blue
just the right amount of 
non threatening clouds
 there was 


 a street fair

 dinner out

 dinner out
 wasnt as great
 as it should have been
 due to a not so smart waiter
 its a long story 
the short version is
 it took an hour
 from the time we ordered
 to the time
 we ate
 in between
 the waiter
 had all manner of excuses 
the worst
 of which
 was saying
 that the order
 was taking longer 
toonman wanting his steak well done 


 toonman did not order his steak well done 
even if he had 
the waiter using that as an excuse
very wrong 
very wrong

 the manager came by after toonman refused his meal
 to say sorry

 i am sorry 
i didnt tell him
 what the waiter said
 i am even sorrier
 that the manager didnt have the smarts
 to comp us the entire meal 

an hour is an outrageous amount of time to wait for a meal
 where none of the items ordered
 were in any way
 requiring special treatment

 we wont be going to Calle Ocho again
 thats sad
 because its a nice place
 with good food

 i did get some pleasure
 out of writing a review
 open table
 through which we booked the reservation

 as i said
 aside from dinner
 the weekend was lovely 

here are some iPhone snaps 
i took while walking through the street fair
 are signed 
i was too lazy

 setting up his stall

 fried pickles 
 i didnt try them
 my sister tells me
 they're very big down south
 she knows
 she watches some food network show

i dont know
 he was selling 
but i loved his hair
he was selling hair gel

this pup 
 why are there so many people

 the shish kebab lady
was doing a brisk business
no, i didnt have any

 i didnt buy any wooden roses
take any wooden nickels 

what did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me (well, minus the dinner incident!)
    It rained and then rained some more in the heartland this weekend. Managed to take in a couple ballgames (little LITTLE league-the granddolls played! the best kind of ballgame to watch!)

  2. I wish you a good week Daryl !
    Best regards from France,


  3. Fried pickles? Ha!
    Sorry about you & toonman's dinner.

  4. What a shame about the dinner, the waiter sounds like a goon.

    Love the street fair photos. :)

  5. Not a big fan of fried pickles.....
    if you are talking green tomatoes..
    yes, please.

    Too bad about dinner.. if they wanted a return
    visit they should 'comp'.

  6. Always a good read, Daryl, but it is your nails that I am going to comment on. They are gorgeous. Mine are terrible. I think I am going to give up housework :).

  7. Can't believe they didn't comp your meal!

  8. Looks like a great day out in spite of the bad dinner... Fried pickles? I think I'll pass...

  9. Goodness, what doesn't get fried these days? Not so popular in Vancouver...or Quebec...although Canada is too big for me to generalize, and definitely not popular at all in England, except for fish or chips, but I was in Spokane WA a year or two ago for their country fair and on offer, apart from about 17 heart attack inducing fried foods, was deep fried butter. Yikes! Anyway, our weekend was pretty low key. Out in the country, lunch plus movie Sat and taking down a hedge in front of the house in the city on Sunday. Nice weekend, actually. Robert flies back to England on Thursday and then the whole world will come crashing down because the hardwood floors are being replaced starting Friday, (read: movers, demolition, builder's aftershave, psychotic cats) then I'm off to England for two months and then back to Vancouver. Aren't you glad you asked? Lol

  10. Except for the meal, it sounds like it was a great weekend!
    Not sure about the fried pickles. :-)

  11. Shame about the dinner Daryl, especially if you were really looking forward to it. I remember one New Years Eve we ordered our dinner in 2010 and ate it in 2011, now THAT'S late haha!

  12. Well, I worked this weekend so....
    That fair looks like great fun. But I would have tried the pickles.

  13. Given that so many diners blog about their experience these days, it always floors me now when restaurants behave badly. Sounds like you might have done better with a kebob. I'm from the south, so nothing deep fried surprises me, but I wouldn't have tried the pickles either. I might have come home with a wooden rose, though.

  14. Sounds like a lovely weekend, except for that dinner. I would love to stroll through a street fair! Beautiful nails! Love'in that color!

    I spent my weekend (Thurs to Sat) traveling with my daughter, another young lady and my daughters' boss to a professional dog show! This was my daughters first semi-pro show where she was handling the dogs that belong to her boss! It was intense and a lot of work and very, very hot! But we had a lot of fun!

    I also had to work on Sunday, which involved being around snakes. I'm not too fond of them, but I survived and learned lots of interesting information!

  15. Your nails look beautiful. Mine used to look beautiful, then I took off the acrylics and they are a mess every day. *sigh*

    The last time we went out for a "nice" dinner, I sent my filet back because it was very rare on the inside and too done on the outside. That's what you get when they cook it on a hot fire and the steak is thick. Ugh.

    The street fair looks like a fun way to spend some walking time.

  16. Oh I hate having things like that happen when spending lots of money in a restaurant!

    We had a busy weekend filled with overnight in-laws and watching grandchildren. It was enjoyable business fortunately! Better weather than I expected too:)

  17. Too bad about your bad dinner experience. I hate it when that happens, and have had a few experiences myself. Otherwise, your weekend (and your nails) look good. Me? Just hung out with daughter, did some sort-of-last-minute shopping.

  18. What a bummer on the dinner. I wouldn't be going back either if I were you. The street fair looks fun!

  19. Fried pickles are actually really tasty. That stinks about the meal out.

  20. It IS a bummer that the dinner didn't work out, but you DEFINITELY had the kind of weekend I love with street fairs and beautification!! LOVE those gel nails...the color is fabulous!!

  21. we enjoyed a daughter's birthday and i enjoyed a wonderful yoga class that helped me get my head back on straight after some trauma.


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