NO should mean NO

whats up with the do not call registry?
  eons ago
 i added our home landline
 do not call registry
 there have been changes
 to the way it works

 we were being bombarded
 by calls
 con ed
 various banks
 credit card companies

 it got toonman
 very crazy
 he would
speak loudly
 stop fucking calling here 
recorded callers

 i went online
 do not call registry

 things were good 
for a month or three
 it started again

 i do not understand
 the do not call registry
 does not work



east 68th street


  1. It's the same here. There are all sorts of loopholes. Very annoying loopholes.

  2. It is very aggravating - we are now getting unsolicited calls on our cell phones too...what is up with that?

  3. Check the privacy statements with your bank and financial institutions....the fine print allows them to contact you unless you opt out. However, if you are being contacted by 'various' banks, that doesn't make sense. Something happened with the built-in answering feature of our landline: we cannot hear any messages until we play them! It's wonderful! If we don't recognize the number, we don't answer, and if someone leaves a message, we don't hear it until we decide to. LOVE IT!

  4. I've noticed the same -- We rant and rave too.

  5. At the risk of sounding insensitive, I am laughing at the sign as well as the f-bomb shouted over the phone. I'm getting ready to ditch my landline, as soon as I upgrade my cell phone.

  6. I guess No means No until some corporation decided it means something else

    I love the parking sign, basically you can't park any time but that would be too simple to say

  7. I noticed that was happening more frequently
    and every time I told the caller we were on the
    DO NOT CALL registry.. they replied that didn't
    apply to them... charities, politicians, services
    subscribed to ... so what the heck good was the
    registry???.. we dropped our land lines and use
    our cell phones... and I still give out the land line
    number to stores when asked for a number...
    Solved the problem for us.

  8. I agree this is a huge issue and they tried to give a incentive for folks to try to come up with an answer to stop them
    I guess it is really hard for the govt to find who these folks are which is very shocking to me. I am on the list but we still get calls and even though we have caller id my mom can't always see the number to not answer it. I just got one on my cell phone today and nearly fell over as never recd one there before. Guess it's what we just have to deal with until a very smart person can figure it out. :)

  9. Over the past year or so, it is happening more often, so I figured something must have changed.
    Annoying to say the least. xo.

  10. There are so many exemptions that the only real value is that it cuts down on cold calls. I say "cuts down on" because there are companies ("Hi! This is Rachel from Card Services!") who simply ignore the registry altogether. Of course most of these are scams, so flouting the rules is no big deal for them. They're hard to trace, and even harder to pin down. But the fact that I have all my phones registered means I don't have to feel bad about being rude to them.

  11. We rarely get calls but it doesn't matter because I DON'T answer the phone, just let it go to voice mail!

  12. We've gotten a surge of calls lately, too, but like Reena, I just don't answer it. Or I answer and hang up right away, if I don't feel like listening to the ringing. Love that sign - it's sure a 'sign' of these complicated times, isn't it??

  13. I never answer the phone. My friends know to start talking and I'll pick up.

    Omg is that Mojo up there? he *used to* be my friend, I thought.

  14. Another who uses the answering machine to screen my calls..and the number of hang ups is amazing. Off to update my Do Not Call registration.

  15. I would so not park here because I know I would have misunderstood that sign. I'd love to hear a police officer explain it. Re. the Do No Call list...if I'm in the mood, I'll take a call and give them outlandish answers. I especially love the ones who ask to speak to the 'man of the house.' For those, I tell them to hold on and just leave the phone off the hook. I am sooooo glad I don't have their job!

  16. I know right??? I have even stopped answering my cell phone when I do not recognize the number causing me to miss some important calls that I did not have plugged into my phone!

    More importantly, this is such a cool shot Daryl - a study in contrasts from subject matter to colors & textures.

  17. So interesting to read above comments Daryl, it's obviously a problem everywhere.. I do the not answering unless I know the number thing too..and why do they always call at the most annoying times, I'd hate to be in a position where I had to do a job like this !

  18. Everyone else has pretty much answered your question. The list doesn't apply to charities, police, politicians, or anyplace where you've ever had a "business relationship". That "relationship" can include filling out one of those prize-drawing slips you fill out at home shows, fairs, etc.

  19. While in the US, I buy a monthly card through T-Mobile. Never had trouble before this year, but now I get spam calls quite frequently to the point that if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer....but they leave a voice mail.... Hate 'em, hate 'em.

    On the other hand, a telemarketer's job must be a bad one to have....

  20. I've noticed a huge uptick in those annoying calls, too. I even went so far as to add out name to the do not call registry AGAIN, because I thought maybe there was an expiration date or something. Didn't seem to help too much.

    We've pretty much gotten to the point where we never answer unless we're actually expecting a call of some sort. Of course, being out of work now and home most of every day, and seeking employment calls of one sort or another (perhaps an editor will love me so much he'll call? Hah!) this is especially annoying.

  21. I just don't answer the phone if it is from a number I don't know....even that is getting annoying though...and they do seem to be getting more frequent.


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