le métropolitain

the subway
 in paris
le métro
 short for 
le métropolitain

you can buy
ticket mobilis or all day pass 
 you can buy single or groups of 10 or 20 tickets

 the entrances
 like the actual cars/trains
 are very different
 different lines
 different train cars 

 to the correct
 exit or sortie
 can be a 
cardio workout
 after a while
 its not the
thats tough
 its the 

 one is lucky enough
 to find an

 many times
 we encountered
in the form of musicians

the people

their pets 

 a source

 the bulk of my photos 
both in and out of the métro
 can be found
 over at

i wanted to share
 3 sneaky snaps
 i took while
 from here to there


  1. Daryl, you are quite the Subway expert! You found the French zombies!

  2. Busman's holiday! You are the NY Subway photog, and now we've seen the Metro too; thanks. I NEVER knew (Duh) it was METROPOLITAIN, of COURSE! (I love knowing stuff like that :)

    bonne nuit

  3. Not so different from your NYC subway photos! Did anyone get upset with getting their picture taken?

  4. Well you just picked up in Paris just where you left off in New York taking pics of people on the Metro.

    Not many escalators? I guess that you have to be in good shape to be Parisian.

  5. How about the stairs up to the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre Daryl, how many times did you climb them :) fab for the derriere haha! Hope there's more :)

  6. Love sneaky photos Daryl. Sometimes I carry my little cannon pocket thingie behind me and snap photos blindly. Some are so good I've even managed to sell them thru my stock agencies. :) Yay for being sneaky.

  7. LOVE all your pics! We had the worst champagne ever bottled at the Moulin Rouge, which I'm sure was their gift to tourists, whom they did not care for much.

  8. Headed to your other place to see more. The last time I was in Paris was when I was 13 (if I remember correctly) and, being the subway nut I am anyway, and also an adolescent, I found the Metro utterly fascinating.

  9. Those last three black and white shots are phenomenal. Stunning. May be my favorites that you've ever taken.

  10. I see a lot of similarities between le metro of Paris and the Metro of Montreal. Cool that you continued your sneaky photo shoots.

  11. I'm hoping to get to France some day; I've always wanted to visit Paris and my father has always wanted to visit the beaches of Normandy where my grandfather fought in WWII. Good to know that you need to be much more fit for Le Metro than for the subway here in DC or yours up in Manhattan. One more thing to add to my list for the trip: get into better shape so I don't die on the stairs to the subway while being one of THOSE American tourists.

  12. These are excellent, Daryl! I am loving the b&w edits. Very cool.

  13. love your sneaky snaps. i think black and white was thw way to go. the first is my favorite.

  14. Love the man with the stroller - excellent portrait shot. I'm sure the escalators are welcome, but I think I'd get claustrophobic riding that one.


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