weekend buzsim'd

central park south
 central park
 lots of taxi cabs
 had another dentist visit
 this time to remove stitches 
it was such a gorgeous afternoon
 out on the street
 i paused
 before walking toward columbus circle
 the subway
 back to the office

 in my defense 
there was no one expecting me back 
i did think about it 

 was spent
 being lazy
joining toonman for a walk in the park
 later i went foraging for food
 walking the hood
 checking out shop windows
 bringing home some thai

 i went to 
 a small previously wonderful thai restaurant 
ordered things
 crispy calamari
 house salad 
shrimp buns

 of which
like it used to be
 calamari was rubbery not crispy 
the salad was iceberg with some beets some fried tofu and the dressing on the side was frozen! 
the shrimp rolls
 toonman said
 i didnt like them at all

 tossed their take away menu

 was a day of beautification
 a day spent with a friend
 drinking coffee
 hanging out

 stopped on the way home 
to get some sushi
 hoping its as good as remembered
 i will let you know


  1. Absolutely Spring in NYC shot! So nice, and nice hanging with you. Tomorrow I give you a shout as I discuss my recent undeniable unplanned reinvention.... Life can amaze sometimes....

    Ciao Bella

  2. sounds like you have had a nice relaxing weekend!
    Great news here - our youngest son has purchased a house. Hopefully he will close on it and get moved before we all go to Fl for his wedding.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. How disappointing the Thai takeaway didn't live up to your expectations.

  4. Except for the Thai, it sounds like a good weekend, and finally the weather was gorgeous!

    Love your "Buzzed" shot! xo.

  5. How disappointing is it when you go somewhere remembering yummy food and its not so good. But this picture is gorgeous!

  6. I like Thai, but it better be good Thai or they don't get a second chance. I love the colors in your photo.

  7. Beautiful! We are starting to hatch a plan: Nashville/Franklin Blogfest...

  8. Those trees - as beautiful as a painting!

  9. Just hate it when I bring home 'take out' and it
    is not up to par.... but then that sometimes happens
    while dining in as well... and poor Bob has to listen to
    me chatter on about it.. yet he still leaves a very nice tip.

    and the sushi was _______

  10. Daryl, great shot! Isn't it nice to see things greening up!

  11. I love that you say "take away" in stead of "to go". I'm adopting it :)

    Dislike when they get my order wrong. No way I'm taking it back!

  12. So disappointing when you get a bad meal...it's happened to me... And when they don't make it right after you complain, that's worse...

  13. Nice shot and great riff on you day and weekend. I've been known to take a few extra minutes when away from the office to go find a cache or get a milkshake or something.
    There is nothing more disappointing than going to restaurant that used to be good and has gone bad.

  14. Love that edit! Wow. Nice. And bummer on the restaurant. How disappointing.

  15. Drag about the take away Daryl..cross it off the list..the good thing is I be you have many, many more to choose from oui!

  16. The photograph is worthy of becoming a postcard. Super!

  17. Love the effect on that photo. May you find a new and better Thai takeaway.

  18. I love this D. It's so NYC and the colors are great.


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