its SOOTC 
 so purists might say
 it is edited
 i am not now
 nor have i ever
 to be a purist

  took a day off blogging yesterday
 too lazy
 is my excuse
 caused my sister to call to ask if i was okay
 toonman also wondered if i was okay
just lazy

 did the whole beautification™ thing
 pedi to blow-dry
 on a saturday
 my friend larry was in town
sunday brunch
 was organized
 our friend kathy flew up from florida

 we met at 
for their broadway drag brunch
 it was a lot of
 decent food
 i recommend it 
if you're looking
 that's not your usual
sidewalk cafe
 bloody marys with eggs benny

took that photo
 the iphone
 a cab window
 on the way back


  1. I can empathize with your 'lazy' thing. I've just back-posted two photos...not lazy, but little chance to take photos...

    I love the blossoms on your photo and the red wall....blossoms here, too, but all wet...

  2. OOH-LOVE the photo and it's even better that it was "on the fly"....Sounds like a FAB weekend...what fun and wonderful things at your doorstep! Thanks for letting me enjoy THROUGH your eyes!

  3. Daryl, amazing shot! I love the puffs of new leaves!
    Sounds like you had one of those weekends. We were pretty lazy around here too!

  4. Well, you have fooled me! I didn't know you signed your photos and when you said you did, I began to search. I must say, it's very inconspicuous! It's such a beautiful photo, though...and it makes me realize even more how inadequate my Droid camera phone is for most images!

  5. I love reading about your 'yesterday'. Terrific posting. Beautiful blossoms here and the tulips on your other blog are gorgeous. Have a super week. You deserve to take a day off now and again :).

  6. What a nice shot... and that was AFTER
    bloody marys ??? You are awesome...
    and lazy is not in your vocabulary !!

  7. The brunch sounds deelish, especially the bloody marys! ;)

  8. It sounds like a fun time, and yummy food!
    I love this photograph, and I had to look REAL hard to find the signature. :-)

  9. Beautiful picture! I think taking days off every now and then is important, lets you recharge the batteries

  10. So fun enjoying your well deserved 'Daryl Day.'. I heartily approve .
    Great zen capture

    Aloha, Beauty

  11. Great pic, I don't think that straight out of the camera means anything. For film cameras its all about a chemical reaction on a film emulsion (of various formulations) initiated by photons and then more chemical reactions during the processing. For digital cameras its all about electrical currents activated by photons on a semiconductor and these currents processed using mathematical algorithms. Purists of any stripe can kiss my Minolta.

  12. All I know is it looks like Spring in New York City! Yay for you!

  13. Wow - that is a magical shot!

    Still waiting for blossoms over here though...

  14. That's an amazing shot! Love it when a quick snap results in the perfect photo.

  15. Who needs a fancy schmancy camera with the iPhone does such a great job? Of course, it helps to have an ~eye~ for beauty, which you certainly do!

  16. Everybody needs a break.

    Love that photo - amazing that it's SOOC. I think fiddling with an image is half the fun, which I guess makes me an impurist. I can live with that.

  17. Don't you just love shots like this. When the sky is so blue and everything is so vibrant and you know you haven't got a hope in hell of anyone believing that you haven't tampered with it..but we know haha!


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