toonsday - for whom the cat meows


  1. Meow, toonMan!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Love the cat cameo! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  3. Harry makes his film debut!!

    you know my crush on "my boyfriend" has just sky rocketed

    so many great lines, I'll be chuckling all day

    off to look myself deep in my own eyes

  4. OMG, I LOVE you both!!
    Somehow, I just knew that Pumpkin Puss was Harry.
    Thank you for the smiles, Toonman and Andrew! :-)

  5. Harry is now a movie star on the silver(-ish) screen!!! Haha! Cute vid. :)))

  6. hahahaha! omg sooo funny. great dialogue!

    I especially liked, "you got enough balls as it is."


    "I look for answers." - " you want to know something, ask me?" perfect timing.

    thanks for the Lol.

  7. "My best friend was Steve, and he was a chicken."

    I am sitting here quietly giggling. This one really made me smile.
    Puzzles relax me, too; they're like meditation. and I liked Harry's debut.

  8. Steve, the chicken who thought he was a rooster. Loved it! And Harry's a natural!

  9. ok, the gender identity confused chicken and a hernia tournament? too funny!

  10. Those two crack me up Daryl..favourite lines..'I'm more interested in current events' and 'does your hernia pop in and out' hahahahaha!

  11. This is my second viewing of the hilarious twosome! My best friend Steve...he was a cat! And that contest. How do you guys come up with this?? Daryl, I can just imagine you sitting there listening to these two!!

  12. Harry is stunning! Molly will be jealous of his acting career:)

    Timing hernias...I can't even imagine how anyone would think that one up! It certainly had me laughing and thinking of my old job in the nursing home:)

  13. A hernie tournie! Funny stuff. And I was waiting for sweet Harry to show up.

  14. The two of us just discovered this, a few days late. Great stuff! Tell Harry we want his pawtograph.


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