lying liars

 i walked past
 on my way

 the escalator
 in the times square subway station
 had been broken
 in mid december

 its broken more often then it works 

last nite toonman and i were discusing
 how the mta
 would do well
 to keep
 a repair person
 on staff 
on site

 after the beginning of 2013
blocked off 
 the broken escalator
 big blue wall
 that narrows
 the 36 step staircase 
so during rush hour
 going up or down the stairs 
is a slow process

 no one in new york 
 the premise
'stay to the right'

  that sign
 was recently revised
 'on or about 4/11/13'
 the original sign

 was that an april fool joke gone wrong?
 i doubt it
 the mta doesnt seem to have much of a sense of humor

 the walk to the working escalator at 42nd and 7th
 is quite a long walk
if you already have walked
 to this exit
 this sign

 is this
 we're having
 some of the country
 is still getting snow
 we're 20+ degrees warmer
 in nyc

 well here's a fact
 as far back as i can recall
 one week
 where the temps 
 the high 70s 
even the 80s

 everyone marvels
 at this arrival of summer temps

 the week ends
 colder temps
 that remain through the end of april 
am i
the only one
 who notices?


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  2. I can't even imagine how frustrating this must be! NO, really, I can't imagine! You probably meet more people on those stairs than live in this whole town! (no, I'm not kidding!)
    Glad you're having your warm temps...we are having the cold spell...again..still..forever..Actually, it should be hot soon then I can complain about that! I need to learn to deal with it-not doing so good with that right now! *sigh*

  3. You could turn crazy with such signs !


  4. The construction would make me crazy!! I am enjoying 78 degree temps at the beach! Snow and freezing rain at home. I would much rather be here!!

  5. I notice, which is how I know that here, spring is taking longer than normal to appear, which is why I am beginning to get cranky as each day the thermometer struggles to reach 40 degrees. Cranky is not good. I'm going to go watch Toonman's video. Then I won't be cranky! :-) xo.

  6. Your weather is crazy....send the warm bits over to us :). How annoying about the escalator malfunction....again!

  7. I would have to be wearing some pretty comfortable shoes to be making that trek. My knee would not be happy with all those stairs and I fear I'd be pretty cranky about that.

  8. I like to walk...though I hate it when you have to walk uselessly and don't understand why they can't put up a good truthful sign. I live 'under the eaves' and have 111 steps up....which I do minimum four times a day to walk the dog. Once I calculated that I do the Eiffel Tower once a week, the Sacre Coeur every day, and Notre-Dame every second day, if I remember correctly. Speaking of signs, my mother loves McDonald's (unlike her daughter) and when we drove through today, I waited three minutes for someone to answer the speaker, then drove on, and the server said 'Oh, our speaker doesn't work.' Hey, where's the sign...?

  9. People are funny about weather. It is all an emergency...something we have never seem before..but of course, we have.
    I think we suffer from very short memories.

  10. Daryl, oh bother! I think they should fire all city workers and hire out the jobs to people who would compete for them! I don't think there is anything less productive and more costly than a city/municipal work crew! I can't even walk by them cause they make me so angry!
    Sorry, didn't mean to rant!

  11. I am not a fan of steps so I would be pretty upset about all these stairs! I have been to that station and it is so huge....not a fan. Prefer the smaller ones if I can help it, or better yet, a cab! Hopefully they will get it done sooner than later.

  12. You are not the only one who notices. I wish you could tell some of the parents at our school who are screaming for us to put the AC units in. It's not even that hot yet.

  13. this is true, I do remember this same weather pattern in April's passed(?)
    but I am guilty of marveling myself, Lol. the weather is one of my favorite topics of conversation. I guess it's a leftover thing from my cavewoman days.
    ; ))

  14. This expose will get them going!

    March is also cold here, and sometimes April is also.

  15. I've heard a bit about the MTA from our oldest son.... ;-) And the weather...who knows? We're having nights in the high 20's---slated for the next week or longer, too.

  16. I have to smile about your rant because it reminds me of what I've been saying about here...the circumstances are different but the complaint is the same. Hopefully the problem will be fixed there soon. I fear we will never get it right here!

  17. No escalators in my town! But the swinging temps I can relate too!

  18. How odd, you have to wonder what causes these little fluctuations in the weather each year. Just think of the great exercise for the derriere walking up all those stairs Daryl :)


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