digging it

this backhoe was digging on west 79th street

do you love google? 
i do
 search engine
a way to dig into info
as the parent of blogger
 that google
 i have lots of issues with
 yesterdays post
 that was
to post on the 24
 but posted on the 22 

i digress

 i was thinking of an old album
 an album
 those vinyl things 
you need
 an actual turntable
 to play
 i was drawing a blank
 on both 
the album name
 who the artist was
 his name
 was on the tip of my tongue
to make it to my brain
 try as i might
 i couldnt remember
 it came to me
 the artist is a drummer
he looks like bob hoskins

 i let that ferment a bit
 still nothing

 so i went to google
 i typed in
 drummer who looks like bob hoskins 


 phil collins

 come on
 admit it 
 was awesome
 he does look like hoskins

 itunes is so together
 it knew
 i already owned
 jacket not required

 i went to the music app
on my iphone
 there it was
 in the cloud

 my step daughter gave me a gift certificate to itunes for my birthday
 keeping your entire music library in the cloud
 is under $25 a year
 that way
 you can listen
 to any of your music 
it all being on your phone eating up memory

 so cool 

while i am typing
 i am listening
via earbud
 to a blast
 from the past
enjoying it while
 i work!


  1. I also am in love with Google (like a loved one with quirks and eccentricities) as well as my IPhone and the apps it offers....ah..yep..In love.

  2. Daryl, I knew who you meant by your description! I love iTunes Match and the Cloud! Can listen to what I like, and when!
    Then I can blast it through the house on iPad, iPod, iPhone and iTV. No more scratchy vinyl, just pure music!

  3. google-aholic here too...becoming friendlier with my iPhone too. It wasn't love at first though

  4. My gmail account is so old it's steam powered! Yeah, gotta love finding, spelling, hearing, seeing Anything you can (or can't-like you) think of! Magical. I like your shot of the yellow monster & the yellow daffodils


  5. I should really set up this cloud dealy... Being a member of the 'generation that grew up with computers' I don't actually know how anyone ever survived without google. Most useful thing ever.

  6. I am beginning to like my iPhone too -- except for the camera, I was not in love with it at first sight either (see Deborah's comment). Internet searching? How did we live in the old days? I remember compiling a huge list of things to look up, taking a tablet to the library and spending a full day to look up 20 things. My work goes so much faster now, and I don't have to leave home.

    Love the bookish texture!

  7. You are so tech savvy. I am switching from Android to iPhone in October when my contract is up. There will be so much to learn. And look at you with the textures here. Cool, Daryl.

  8. I guessed you meant Phil Collins. I love Phil, he's on my iPod. :)

  9. You know that danged backhoe is taking up two or three spaces.

    I signed up for the $25 dollar thing but haven't really used it. The concept was too cool to pass up.

    Lots better than greedy microsofts crappy deal to pay $130 per year for their premium office suite. Greedy!

  10. working or blogging? may your boss never know. and, that is pretty darn cool to ask google that question and actually get the answer. Siri must be jealous.

  11. Crushed on Phil Collins for years.
    Saw him in concert a couple of times, and he is the most amazing drummer, to say nothing of that wonderful voice. xo.

  12. I can't imagine life without the google!
    BTW, did you photograph this pic through glass? it's really neat, so much to look at.

  13. My son (who is too busy with life to mess with technology) is always telling me "google doesn't know everything". To which I answer "well he definitely knows who does". My husband now asks me at least once a day to "go google it".
    Love your pics of the city.

  14. Oh man you are so clued up Daryl..I just barely understand how to run my blog haha!

  15. I also dig Google... I too have typed in some weird word associations and 99.99% of the time, I find what I want. These little daffodils look frightened of those 'teeth'.

  16. Nice editing job! I'm not used to seeing diggers out on the pavements though.

  17. I am so impressed that you could get the answer you wanted the way you did. Do love Google and so enjoy reading all that you have to say! So much fun!

  18. Don't forget that when it comes to Music JayJay can be your Google (wink, wink)

  19. What amazes me, is that no matter what we google...it's THERE! How? LOL

  20. Cannot believe you got 'Phil Collins' through that search....very cool! And that photo is very cool....the backhoe and the daffs, hard vs. soft...well done!

  21. Yes, I adore Google for those kinds of searches. It works for me about 99% of the time.


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