a water tower and some weird stuff

 any and all 
who saw this post

I dont know
 why or how
I double checked
 I had, indeed, set it to post on Wednesday

this was shot on broadway
 near fairway
 between 74th and 75th streets
 maybe not

the other day
 i was sitting at my desk in the office
 when suddenly
 my throat
 one of those dry spots

 do you know what i mean?

 one second i am fine
 swallowing is easy
 then suddenly
 there's a spot on the inside of my throat
 that feels 
oddly dry
 as if 
when i swallow
 its pulling
 the rest of my throat in
 causing me
 to feel as if i am suffocating
thats a slight exaggeration
its odd

 drinking water
 does not make it go away
 it does
 stop feeling weird
 it goes away
 my voice with it
 sort of 

i dont become mute
 tho i am sure some would wish that were the case
 not mute
 is the best explanation

 in relating
 i got 
 bordering on
 a complete disclaimer
 as to ever
 having experienced this phenomena

 does your throat do this?

 its one of an assortment
odd body reactions 
my body 
seems to have

 there's the tingling i get in my left shoulder for no apparent reason
 which is totally unrelated
 to the oddly scary heaviness
 i occasionally feel
 in either arm

 once or twice
 it happened to both arms at the same time

 both arms feeling weighted down
 i dont even try to lift them
 it would be impossible

 it passes
usually in far less time than it feels

 i did tell the doctor about this 
i was sure
 it was indicative of a stroke
 he said it was from a pinched nerve
 he insisted
 it must happen
 when i have been sitting too long
 except it isnt
 i told him so

 he shook his head
  said it was a pinched nerve
 i didnt tell him what i thought of his diagnosis
 i just tucked away his reaction
 i do stroke out 
i can say

do you have weird body reactions
please say you do
 Toonman will surely say


  1. Our bodies are so complex, it's a wonder we don't have those experiences every single day. I used to have panic attacks once in a while and always felt that I was having a stroke or something. I know from experience that massage....good massage.....helps keep the energy flowing in my body the way it's supposed to.

  2. The older I get, the less I try to pay attention to these odd thing my body does. Usually they go away after a few days..or weeks. But if I paid too much attention I would have no time for reading.
    Love the early water tower!

  3. Daryl, great tower! It seems so far off in the distance.
    I think the main thing about weird body things is "as we get older!" That seems to be the answer to everything these days!
    Or as one Dr said "Age Relevant!" I don't care whether it is or not, but know it still is a concern. To me anyway! Yes I do get them too! Random pains, stabs, aches! Ah geez!

  4. Dearest Darling - Check out Reiki. It changed my life on a dozen levels from physical to insight. If you take the time to get Reiki 1 you can self treat ask do Daily, and share with ToonMan & Harry. (& others). I share Reiki with a person with serious MS and their weird symptoms respond. Eastern healing, like acupuncture, treat things that western meds only 'see' when they blossom into a disease or condition they understand...... This is Aloha from me, NOT a paid commercial. :-)

  5. My pad turned 'Dar' into 'Darling' but that's cool! :-)

  6. My throat doesn't do that, but yeah ... lots of other strange stuff happens. (You really don't want to know. Really.) Seriously, I think you should get a second opinion on the heaviness in your arms. That's a bit worrisome.

  7. I get a similar but different sudden dry throat feeling; fortunately water usually takes care of it. And I too just try to ignore the odd twinges. Otherwise I'd be in the ER every other day!

  8. My throat does do that, but I talk non-stop for 4 hours straight, 3 days a week, and since it always happens then, I am guessing that is why. Then it could be the chalk dust I regularly inhale while I'm doing the talking. :-(

    I definitely have weird body reactions, and they get stranger as I get older. :-(

  9. I have that throat reaction, exactly as you described it
    I also get numbness in my arms. When it starts in one arm I always have to stop and think about which arm means I'm having a heart attack. I always tell myself it's the other arm.

  10. oh no, i have a shoulder arm thing that comes and goes, too :(
    a few years ago i had physical therapy for it and i'm thinking it might be time to go that route again.

    aging sucks !!

  11. Oh god Daryl, do you ever get that tickle in the throat for no reason, (usually in very quiet places, like a very important talk or at the opera), and then you cough and cough for a very long time till your eyes and nose are running and everyone is offering you a drink of water and you're like, "if I actually could have a drink of water don't you think I would!?!" (oh, and you never have a Kleenex in your pocket either) Ugh, hate that. I've got a bit of a compressed disk from years and years of figure skating which loves to cause tingles in my legs, arms and occasionally manifests itself as a toothache. Go figure. Since I come from a family where everyone, (except black artist sheep me) are doctors, I don't really pay much attention to it any more. Hope you don't freak yourself out too much. It's not a healthy way to feel. :)

  12. ..still loving that water tower..but everyone seems more concerned with your aches and pains. :-)

  13. That water tower looks so tiny waaaaaaay up there Daryl. Yes I've had the throat thing..I kind of like it (not the suffocating bit) but the husky sexy voice bit! and a few stabbing pains here and there, but I panic not because they always go and I know for sure and certain I'm not going to get any joy from a doctor haha!

  14. I get the throat thing. Water does not help.. cough drops do. I'm addicted to cherry Halls....

    Also the arm thing.. about half way between my shoulder and elbow. Only the left and always after sitting for too long... like right now.

  15. yes, I do & so does everyone else whether they admit it or not. (haha)
    have you ever tried gargling with warm salted water when that happens with your throat?
    Dr Oz says that helps prohibit the growth of bacteria even if you are already coming down with something - it will stop it from getting worse.

  16. I think I understand the throat thing you've described. I can't say I recall it happening recently - and by that I mean the past five years - but I have felt it in my life. My body plays the following tricks on me:

    1 - My left ear will suddenly become hot and painful for no apparent reason. When it does, nothing I do makes it go away. I just have to wait for it to stop of its own accord. This usually happens in 24 to 48 hours. As you might imagine, this is a particularly irritating thing for someone who does so much work with headphones. Luckily, it only happens perhaps twice a year.

    2 - This one only began happening about two years ago, but it's nasty. My right foot will all of a sudden go totally spaz. It's like the arch just stiffens completely, painful as all hell. It only happens when I'm sleeping, so I've been jolted awake with searing pain in my foot a few times. Lovely.

    3 - The other thing that happens has been happening my entire life. My right eye (you know, I think it's my right eye, as it hasn't happened in a long enough time that I can't recall with certainty) will start "ticcing"; that is, a nervous tic will start the eyelid fluttering or shaking. It is barely noticeable to anyone else (I know this because I've looked in the mirror while it was happening to see how it looked and I saw almost no movement; certainly none that anyone not looking for it would notice) but to me it feels as though I'm wildly winking and grimacing and otherwise presenting a lunatic face to the outside world.

    I think I've just written a blog post here...

  17. Yep, my throat goes funny sometimes, agree with the gargle, have an ear that goes a little weird, reckon it is stress, goes away after a bit.
    My arms are similar but not quite as worrisome, just aches n pains in both at once, either between my shoulder and elbow, or in my forearms. Weird. It goes away. But seeking a second opinion wouldn't do any harm.

    It is the torn rotator cuff and the plantar fasciatis that really drives me nuts. Means I cant really pick up the grand kids, or walk for any distance. Bad luck. Hopefully both will get better soon, after I can rest them one day, otherwise it is surgery for the shoulder. ;-( Better have it before daughter has baby number three eh?

  18. Thanks for joining me in the Wordless Wednesday Bloggers.


  19. Interesting to hear about others with throat issues. Drainage, down back-of-the-throat variety, is often the culprit with me. Have had that for a long time. But sometimes if feels all dry and water never helps, as you say. Neither do any meds. One of the many frustrations of getting older.

  20. I do have a lot of weird things, but (as usual) I can't think of any of them right now. They come and go so fast, sort of like Munchkins.


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