weekend blather

in no order other than how it pops into my mind

the bike photo
 has nothing to do 
with any of the forthcoming drivel
 other than i like it

an interesting choice of words
cut backs
lay offs
debate provoking words

here's a thought

 useful needed assistance

doing anything
paying for

harry's poop analysis
 showed it was parasite free
 no reason for his poop consistency issues
 we'll cope 
its a lot less bothersome
 inappropriate peeing
 using furniture as a scratching post
 chewing shoes

my blood work of a few weeks ago
 is going to cost me approx $150
 i am going to look into that
 i was told
 blood work to look for specific markers is covered at a lower level 
 annual blood work

 this makes no sense to me
 preventative medicine
 be encouraged?

 healthcare providers
 would prefer
 to pay
 to pay for an annual chest x-ray
 lung cancer 
more people
 breast cancer or heart disease 
 dont worry
 if you get it we'll help kill you

oh a less blood pressure raising note
i had to bring my watch
 it was running
 8 minutes slow
 a marked improvement
 the 15 minute lag
 it showed
 it was repaired 
 they're refunding
 the cost of repair
 they're going to send it back to the repair people
 if they can get it to keep correct time
 for longer than a week
 i will pay for it
seemed fair to me

at&t nicely deducted new iphone activation charge and related taxes surcharges


so if you want
i can buy a cup of coffee


  1. You Rock D! I cannot remember enjoying blather as much as I enjoyed this. Because I agree with every single thing you said! Love the bike pic! Have a good Sunday!
    xo Jeanne

  2. sequester...personally i don't know in whose best interest it is. maybe the rich very old white guys who don't get the modern world. another point, from what i hear aren't those rich very old white guys claiming to be christians? last i checked it's in the very core of christianity to help those in need and not make sure one fills his own pockets to the rim. now my pressures is up!

    i'll have my coffee black, thanks!

  3. How shortsighted of the healthcare provider!

  4. I like the bike photo, too. Especially the pavement, which looks to have some color in it. And yes to all the other {drivel} - especially the coffee ~

  5. Amen!
    Love your blather.
    Sooooo glad Harry's poop is okay! :-)

  6. Insurance and medial stuff drive my bananas.

    I'm finally getting a new phone. An Android, Samsung Rugy Pro 2. Super heavy duty and I can go geocaching with it.

  7. Make it a cup of tea...
    Love this post ... your blather is always
    informative and oooh so funny....

  8. There are multiple financial incentives for treating serious illness, none for prevention. President's health law intended to change that. Imagine!

  9. Is that a black and white photo or do I see a hint of color?

  10. First thought...how do you decide when to hit return when you are typing your post? LOL It's random.

    Sequester. Gah.

    Yes. Preventative. All for it.

    Good news on the phone and I'll take that coffee, please :)

  11. Don't get me started on costs of healthcare and health insurance ... I'll give you a hint about my opinion: "I'm self-employed."

  12. Not only did I like the photo, I enjoyed reading about so many events and finally, the comments were fun too!

  13. the sequester....grr...when the chance arrives i intend to vote out every single incumbent on the ticket. apparently they can't be denied pay constitutionally so they'll just axe their own staff and give up their overseas trips, don't you feel like crying for them? how will they ever go on?

  14. Love the bike photo. And kitty poop consistency ... well, our Kramer probably has Harry beat hands down. Very bad, very bad ....Explosive bad! Need I say more???? Oh they things we do for those sweet kitties.

  15. Love that photo!

    ...and what is up with that word sequester? I've been wondering too:) I like your idea on how to solve it:)

    Glad Harry is parasite free!


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