water tower oops

have i ever told you
 i seem
to lose
 a day a week?

  well apparently
 i misdated
 the post ahead
 of this photo
 i can't
 tuesday and wednesday

 for the hundreds of you
 who wait
huge anticipation
 at your email
my daily blog post
 to appear
i apologize
 i goofed
 you got
water tower
 on tuesday
 you know

 this week
 deeply involved
 in editing
 the next 
slim and cody video
 not able to meet
 his toon deadline
 dear readers
 you received
 my idea of a place holder 
i had no idea 
you also 
mis-timed post of
 water tower 

my bad

its a good photo
so getting it twice is nice, no?


  1. I like how the tower stands at the apex of a great classic building.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. If you want to go for 3 times...I'm game :). Funnily enough, I did try and figure out where you were. (I read your blog from Google's reading list. Your posts are normally one after the other. Not today!) I thought you might have had a power failure...there has been a big storm on east coast. Mystery solved :).

  3. If we're getting another Slim and Cody video, then everything's okay!!! :-)
    Great tower, and great shot, Daryl.

  4. Thanks for linking up to Wordless Wednesday Bloggers!


  5. I've been losing Lots of days lately so I probably wouldn't have even noticed:) It seems like I am always playing catch up:)

  6. I've been so befuddled lately I didn't even notice! I love whatever/whenever you post! :)

  7. Ah! you get times like that Daryl, just run with it, 'she'll be right' as they say in Oz haha!

  8. That's okay, blogging is so confusing. Skywatch Friday is on Thursday, Our World Tuesday is on Monday and so on.


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