fuzzy wuzzy

due to the lack 
 good wandering weather
 the last few weekends
 i am 
 to share

 this soft fluffy
 toy dog 
is for sale
 sugar and plumm

just too cute


  1. I LOVE it!! Very fluffy!! One of my highlights on my very first trip to NYC was a visit to FAO Schwartz...my daughter was young at the time and I bought her a HUGE teddy bear...and there was absolutely NO way it was going to fit into my luggage. (Of course, I did not think of that little piece of info when I purchased the bear...) So, the FAO Schwartz Bear rode on my lap on the plane ride home. My black rain coat was covered in fuzzy wuzzy bear hair by the time we landed! Fond memories though!! Have a great weekend D!

  2. adorable ...
    the 'live' version is most likely
    snuggled up with their person
    enjoying the weekend.

  3. Wasn't 'fuzzy wuzzy' a bear!! I really hope there was a big turnout for the pet 'event' yesterday's post Daryl, would love to think many of the pooches and cats went home with a loving family.

  4. Love dogs but, have to admit, for me...that's my kind of dog - especially right now. Too cute!

  5. Daryl, at least you don't have to take it for a walk!

  6. What a coincidence: I just learned what a fuzzy wuzzy was after reading a Kipling story. Not what I would have thought.

  7. Um... If you bought him today, it being sort of his birthday (and mine), might I suggest you name him "Sul"?

    (Of course, if you already have a name - or if he came with one - ignore my self-aggrandizing plea.)

  8. but WAS he?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  9. well isn't that the cuddliest looking stuffed dog ever!


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