the hat post

this is one of those
 train of thought 

 the watch 
 lasted less then a week
 15 minutes slow


stolen from Google

 back to looking at my phone to get the time
 watch this segue
 my contract with AT&T
 was up for rollover

 iPhone 5
 its in the house

 took 12 hours to activate
that aside
 smooth transition

 its so sleek
 it needed a special case
 i have always had uncommon's capsule case
 for my iPhones
 this time
 i didnt feel 
 of their pre made cases

 into my photo library 
i went

this one
 i zapped
Topaz Labs Simplify BuzSium IV preset

this one i cropped

couldnt decide 
so i had both made 

i am good to me
its my birth month

it was so cold
 i wore a hat
gave me an excuse
shoot a selfie
iPhone camera



  1. Love this shot.......
    happy and carefree and staying warm...
    what more could you want ..

    the iphone 5 is okay...
    having to get new accessories with every
    upgrade is the worst... more money for
    Apple..... the new 'lightning' cords are
    not as good as the previous...

  2. Perfect photos for your new iphone cases!
    Gorgeous hat for a gorgeous person - is that handmade?
    You do look warm, so necessary right now. We have several inches of snow and ice here.

  3. Great hat. Great phone. The cold weather not so great but guess we will survive winter. Purple becomes you.

  4. There you are - smiling in the cold and wearing Ravens colors. Congrats on the new phone!

  5. Love your selfie, and your hat!!
    Congratulations on the new iPhone!

  6. Love those shots! Especially the selfie:) xoxo

  7. Love your new selfie. I have been so happy with my iPhone 5 camera. It's so easy to take good little videos and upload to YouTube. Maybe you can take us walking around with you someday via video?

  8. We share a birth month and a passion for purple. Actually, we also share a slow timepiece...mine's on the blink.

  9. Don't you hate when your watch refuses to stay at the right time? I've ended up giving up on them completely and sticking with my phone. Love the hat - the purple suits you so much!!

  10. I gave up on keeping my watches on time
    so now I just wear them because they are beautiful,
    and I keep time with my Android.
    Not looking for a fight with Iphone lovers
    It just took to long to get used to this one
    And by then I did not want to try something new.
    Purple looks great on you
    Any excuse is a good one for a great selfie.

  11. Birth month...mine too, and you deserve a new phone.

    I love the hat photo!! I can't do hats. I look ridiculous. You do them well!!

  12. Daryl, great to see you! Love the hat!
    Lucky you, with the new phone! Do we really still call them phones! Seems so, I dunno, ancient. After all it's so much more than that!

  13. Nice watch,

    I'm about to start my 58 days of pre-Birthday followed by my Birthday, and then of course 58 days of post Birthday. I'm all excited but I'm having a hard time getting buyin.

  14. November is my birth month, but I share the love of purple with you! Happy birthday, sweet friend with the gorgeous hair!


  15. That is one cool photo! Hooray for hats! I cringe everytime I have to/want to get a new phone...there are usually a number of bells and whistles you must have to go with it. My contract is up in September and I've never had an IPhone...I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and join the real world. I like this 'birther month' thing...I hope it's a wonderful month for you!!! BTW, purple is your color!

  16. Love the hat and the purple scarf. I love hats, but look like a total dork in them!

  17. Very nice selfie Daryl! & purple is one of my favorite colors & you wear it well!

  18. You and Aimee have so much in common Daryl even your birth month, do you fall into the 'Aquarius' time period for the month? Not to mention the love of hats and phones! J'adore the first image, would look fab as your phone case, soooo NYC!

  19. Oh I know it was freezing over the weekend! Yay on the new phone!


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