this and that

its still insanely cold

 i know its winter

 knowing its winter
 does not
 in anyway
 the cold
 that makes
 my nose run
 my eyes tear 
my ears ache

 i hate hats
 i love hats
 other people
 in shops

 i love the concept of a hat
 i buy hats 

rarely do i wear them

 this week
 i wore a hat 

 hat hair
 hat head
the result
was the look

 i have ear muffs
 now i am hearing 
'there's a place for us ... ' 

 when i was last in Cincinnati 
my friends 
Mary, Phil and i 
had a lovely lunch 

this photo was taken in October 2011

the divine Ms Alice Balterman and her daughter, Meg

Alice is 92 and going strong 
an incredible artist
 i am lucky enough to own several of her pieces 

she made this one especially for me

at the time
 i also got another of her decoupage mirrors

after weeks
 of forgetting
 to bring it to the framer 
last weekend
 i finally brought it in

 its a simple thing
 they put
  two screws and a wire
 across the mirror side 

i hang them on the wall like this

framer asked
 can you come back in half an hour?

 no, but i will come by tomorrow

of course

i forgot

they called

long story short
they made a 'mistake'
they put the screws and wire 

i was so upset
i was so upset

 i only dropped the f-bomb once
i said
 i cannot fucking believe this

 i did 

we agreed they would try to fix it
 i would come by on Saturday
 to see what it looked like

when i got there
 a full almost week later 
they had removed only 
the screws 
 the holes 

 did they put 
the holes and wire 
they did it 

a good thing!

a good thing?


it was supposed
 to be 

 the center mirror
 in that photo up there

there are two large holes
they do not actually affect the art

the framer said
they can fill in the holes

 they have an art restorer
 who will match the paint

i am less insanely upset now
just slightly



  1. What beautiful pieces of art!

    Sorry to hear about the holes though.

    As for hats - I can't survive without mine and have made peace with my winter hat hair.

  2. Gah!

    I enjoy your crisp writing. . . . and you look great these days. Winter, yeah, Don't miss it this year - pictures on blogs are enough for me!

    Happy Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  3. I'm so with you on hats. I love them too and own quite a few but hate what they do to my hair! ;)

  4. What lovely art and what a bunch of boobs to
    mess it up... I would have let more than one
    expletive 'slip'....

    I wouldn't know about winter weather....
    75° and in the 80's tomorrow.....

  5. I love hats. I am the only guy in downtown Tulsa who wears a broad brimmed (not a cowboy) hat out and about at lunch. My family tends to skin cancer so its just a little extra shade. I left it somewhere and now have to go get another.

    Can't believe they messed up the mirror! Go gettem.

  6. WTH!! How could they do such a stupid thing? GAH is right!
    I have decided that I will just live with hat head on chilly days. Since I wear a helmet when I ride my horse, I often end up with helmet hair and that is much worse.

  7. Oh my! A piece of art with holes and wire on the art side??? The worker obviously didn't "get" the art. (Our youngest son did his own version of Picasso's "Old Guitarist" pastels...while in high school. When we had it framed, the framer attached the wire on the back so the image was horizontal instead of vertical.)

  8. :-( on the holes. Hope they get them fixed for you.

    I am not a fan of hats either, but like you, I wore one every day this week. I do know where my ear muffs are, but it was so cold that I needed more covered than just my ears.

    Slightly better here today, and 50s by Wed., then back into the deep freeze, so they say.

  9. terribly frustrating that the framer couldn't follow a few simple instructions!
    I would have been upset too...hope they can repair the mirror . The box is so very special, just love the treatment.
    Cold here too, I make hats and give them away but look ridiculous in one. I'm sure you are just beautiful in a hat!

  10. I love this rambling post. You always look fabulous in pictures. Lucky you...I look goofy.

    So sorry about your messed up art. Those guys might be art framers, but they certainly don't have an artist's eye or they would have known they were making a huge mistake. Hopefully, you won't be able to see their mistake once the restorer is done.

  11. Sounds to me like you've handled the weather and the workmen rather well. I too have hat, well raincoat hood, hair most of the winter here in Portland, Oregon. I cannot imagine where I left my earmuffs, but it rains so often that I just have to put that hood up and squash my hair. As I commented on my own photo on Facebook the other day, one that was taken by a stranger as I looked into the mirror in the women's restroom before a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game so that I could show off my new Twisted Car Club T-shirt front and back, "Thank goodness I don't sit behind me!"

  12. Daryl, Oh my, what a pain in the keister that is! I feel a rant coming on. Breath deep Better. Anyway, seems like people have forgotten how to do a good proper job. Oops almost got away from me.
    Anyway, hope your repairs come out fine.
    I like hats too! But I hate ball caps. I hate people that wear them backwards, I hate people that don't have the manners to take them off indoors, especially a restaurant or something like that, and don't take them off when talking to other people, especially ladies! Ah Geez, it's getting away from me again.
    Anyway, (I like that word today!) hope your Sunday was great and that you stayed warm.

  13. My NYC friend here is traveling to a wedding in a week in the Big Apple. She said she knew it was going to be COLD. I was complaining about just-below-freezing here. I love those mirrors, and oh, the woes of wrong wiring. I gave one of my photos to be framed once, roses, and they put the hook on the wrong end. They thought that's the way the roses were...but they weren't.

  14. I am so glad you didn't hurt them. I was a little worried.

  15. You only dropped the "F" bomb ONCE??? I'm impressed! SERIOUSLY!???!! WTH! (and btw, the art is fanTAStic!!)

  16. you are much less generous on the f-bombs than i would have been.

    amazing art.

    we are buddies on two counts:
    i buy hats and don't wear them (unless i'm engaging-in-sport).
    i am not completely well from a lingering cold-that-will-not-depart.

  17. Those are beautiful mirrors!
    Why in the world are some things so hard to accomplish? Whenever something like this happens to me, I wonder what is going through the heads of people out there...are they not listening, not paying attention, can they read directions, can they think logically? And then I blame myself for not standing over them, directing their every move, so they get it right. Very frustrating! One of my learn more about framing, mat cutting. I want to know why these people are paid so much! And that is a fabulous photo of you and the artist!

  18. i feel the same about hats. as for the mirror, i can fully understand why you dropped an f-bomb. gees, the height of stupid! so glad it's not as bad as originally thought and it can be fixed.

  19. Such a lovely picture of you and your friend.

  20. They do look good hanging in this formation Daryl, maybe it was meant to be...minus the holes!! They are beautiful works of art indeed.

  21. i am a failed hat wearer myself.....i just can't do it :(

  22. I think it is even harder to wear any kind of hat when you have short hair...I love hats but look like I'm undergoing chemo if I wear I usually just wear those headband things to keep my ears warm. Still have hat hair though so how do I do that?

    Love those mirrors! I never would have thought of hanging them up like that!

  23. I can read this without weeping because I know it has a good ending.

  24. I had to come back and see the original post (I miss so many these days! Just can't keep up!) I can't believe they screwed it up like that but I'm glad it's fixed and on your wall. They're beautiful, and even more so now that I see where they come from!


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