oh the weather outside ...

on the way from Yellow Springs to Cincinnati

oh the weather
 if you don't like it 
wait a minute or two it will change

it has been unseasonably
 i am not 
 my office is always 
when i don't have to wear 
a shawl
 a scarf
 lap robe 
i am happy

i am not kidding
 one day
 a month or two back
 it was so cold
how cold was it
it was so cold
 i had a blanket on my lap
 i was told
 it looked 
as if
 i was in an old age home
 i likened it
 to being in a deck chair
 on the Titanic

 i digress 

between Christmas and New Year 
it was blustery 
it didnt snow
 it rained
the winds were icy

 it rains vs snowing
 depending on the temperature

 i have learned
 that when its been very cold
 then feels a bit warmer 
its going to snow

 rain comes with even warmer temps
 like the day
i took that photo of the barn
 the naked limbs
 of that tree
 decorated with rain drops
 it was wet 
it was misting
 i took that shot
 sitting in the car
 through the open window
 i wasn't about to get my camera wet 
never mind my hair

 if i want to hear about warm climes
 i go visit my friend Gracie
 who is having a hot hot summer
 at the end of the world
 in Perth
 a place i would love to visit in real life

 in the meantime
 i get my fix
 of parrots and roos 
from Gracie
 you should too 
click here


  1. Lovely lovely shot Daryl!
    & now I can't wait to see if it snows.
    ; )

  2. 50 degrees here today, supposed to be warm-ish and rain all weekend. Much better than snow, imho...

  3. Beautiful barn shot through those raindrop laden branches. Glad you protected your camera. And your hair!

  4. Nice barn shot. I know what you mean about snow, it does seem to warm just a slight bit just before snow.

    We get lots of ice. I hate ice.

  5. I agree with you sometimes it can be TOO cold to snow. Believe it or not I can smell snow.

  6. No snow in New York or Chicago but it's snowing in Jerusalem---and some people still don't believe in climate change.

  7. How surprising to see a barn photo from you! And how do you keep your feet warm at the office?

  8. Great barn shot...love the dof! Cold in the office?...That's exactly what I've got. Always keep a shawl or sweater and sometimes gloves. I laughed re. the Titanic comment. Had a conversation w/my boss re. the business 'environment' and I remarked that many times it's similar to being on the Titanic....except he's on the upper deck and I'm in steerage! It did not go over well but I'm still laughing!

  9. I think you need to call Bill Evans. He could use your expertise;)

  10. One thing I love about England is that you can always (I mean 'ALWAYS') talk about the weather. It changes rapidly. Grace has been experiencing some very hot, hot weather and it warms me up to look at her photos, too!

  11. It seems to me that the weather is acting a little strangely all over the world these days..what i can't figure out is how it can go from 41C one day to 24C the very next day here, just seems too quick for such a drastic overnight change...not that I'm complaining right! Daryl i now have this image of you sitting all rugged up in your office, I need to send you a pair of UGG boots (sheepskin slippers) to keep your feet warm oui!

  12. I know! What's up with this weather? Going to be in the 60's! We are headed to Florida for week and even they are complaining that it is too warm for this time of year! Ha! Anyhow, I'll have to pop over and check out Gracie. We will be in Perth this coming winter when The Professor takes his sabbatical!

  13. Daryl, nice one! Our Japanese Maple always has drops like that after the rain! It looks like jewels! I just haven't been able to get the shot just right yet!
    We have a beautiful sunny day here today, albeit a bit cool, but I'll take it, after all the rain!

  14. Aaaaaah yes, I want to be there, or anywhere else where the sun is out, and it is above 30 degrees.
    Love this old barn!

  15. I've been thinking of the Southern Hemisphere lately, too! ;-) When I first saw the barn, I thought, "Where did Daryl find a barn near Manhattan?" Then I read the caption.

  16. I love barns...
    We are having weird weather as well. In the 70's tomorrow. I'll take it!

  17. i love that shot of the barn through the tree branches. it's been strange weather here this week too. i'm glad for warmish winters only because it means a lower heating bill.

  18. sweet shot... the weather here is perfect if you
    want to catch pneumonia.... hot then cool then hot again..
    I do complain but it falls on deaf ears.. Bob loves it when it
    is over 80°

  19. pretty capture with the rain...yep I try to always protect the ole camera too


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