the wheels on the bike
round and round
 round and round

 leaves crunching

 these are working bikes
 delivery bikes
 food delivery bikes
 here in NYC
 every restaurant

 we call it
 take out

 in other areas
 I have heard it called
 take away

 you call
 you order food
 gets delivered to your door 

its a way of life

 these particular working bikes
 to the guys 
who pedal
 Big Nick's Burger Joint
 Big Nick's Pizza Joint

 the restaurants are connected
 you can
 a burger at the pizza joint
 pizza at the burger joint

 Big Nick is Greek
 he brings
 his relatives

 they work at the grill 
 they can speak English
they become waiters

 none of the waitresses
 are related
 to Big Nick

 I imagine
 who knows I could be right 
 Big Nick's
 was the inspiration
John Belushi
 Saturday Night Live
 Cheeseburger Cheeseburger

 I miss that old crew on SNL 
these newbies
all that and a big chips


  1. I love this picture...
    Enjoy your day Daryl !


  2. I Loved Big Nicks! Delivery to my hotel, BLiss! Working bikes work Hard in NYC!

  3. Thanks for this D! Now I have the "Wheels on the Bus" Song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!! :)

  4. Ha, was just going to write what Jeanne did! Another good post!

  5. When I worked in DC years ago most of the working bikes were couriers vs. food deliverers. If you didn't watch where you were going they'd mow you over.

    I miss the old SNL too.

  6. John Belushi was great! & Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Lorraine Newma, Dan Akroyd...

  7. I see lots of bikes with lycra-clad bikers...biking for health rather than work though

  8. One of the hardest parts of moving to Connecticut was that there was no take out. And the liquor stores closed so early.

  9. There's nothing better after a busy day, when you just be a....! to cook, pick up the phone and say 'bring me something yum' nice!!

  10. that SNL skit was gold!!
    my other Belushi favorite was 'Samurai Night Fever'
    I miss them too

    I love the leaves caught in the spokes

  11. That was an inspired sketch. I knew a joint like that in Boston, too. I ate there often, back in the 70's, when I worked across the street. Very limited menu and only the woman working the counter and taking orders ever spoke English.

  12. You can almost hear and feel the crunch of dried leaves beneath the wheels of these bikes.

  13. Daryl, great shot! Looks like they are becomes part of the sidewalk!

  14. I think getting meals delivered, or at least the option to get them delivered, would be wonderful.

  15. You know I so agree. I love the ol' gang. Now ya don made me hungry. Super post. Cheers!!

  16. No, they're really not. The old gang, the original gang was great.

  17. i would not want to be a bike delivery person this tine of year. brrrrrrr....

  18. Great photo & story and love the SNL referral. Back in the day, we had a Saturday night ritual...wine, cheese, crackers and SNL...yes, that crew was the best. I still watch but now I usually fall asleep before it ends. BTW, I'm known as Samurai Secretary in the office....don't ask.

  19. We call it take out in RI too...but the only way to get take out where I live is to drive there and take it out yourself:)

    SNL has had its ups and downs...no one can compare to the original cast...but I have been enjoying it lately.

  20. Big Nick sounds like a neat guy.
    Rarely watch SNL anymore, Used to love it, and never missed it with the old crew.

  21. NYC -- Take out. Chicago -- Take Away. Thanks for sharing with us on WW Bloggers. See you next Wednesday.


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