water towers

Broadway at 79th Street  iPhoneography, hipstamatic app: tejas lens, cano cafenol film August 2012

this photo
 was taken
 a while ago
 I know
 that sign
 up there
 its been gone
 a while
 I know this 

If you were to look up
 assuming you were living here
 could see
 the flight paths
 LaGuardia Airport
 you might
 see me

 I'm leaving on a jet plane
 in fact
 I might already be gone
 I'll be back
I hope to see you

 in the past 
when I traveled
 I always
 set up
 blog posts
 ahead of time
 its been busy at the office
 its was sort of busy this weekend at home
 we had to watch 
 the recorded programs
 on the DVR


 could take it back

 to get a replacement
 I sincerely hope
 than the one
 he returned

 fodder for another blog post
 on another day

  Enjoy the rest of the week
 I'll be back with a lot of good photos
some stories to share

 see you on the other side!

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