water tower

tried something new
 with my Instagram photos
 these were shot
 the Hipstamatic app

 put these together to see how they'd work
 I like them
 what do you think?

   I make cards

 did you know that?

 selling those cards
 for blogging 

do you read the tech blog
Life in LoFi?
check it out

Marty does giveaways
 of various photo apps

 I won
 for my iPhone and iPad this week

I am embarrassed to tell you
I also won another app
 a few months ago
 I cannot
for the life of me
which one
 it might
 have been
 an app called

anyway its a good blog with lots of giveaways

 a while back
 I got into a cleaning spurt
 don't worry
 it didnt last long
 I went through a drawer
 with lots of saved greeting cards

I reminisced about the various occasions represented
 came upon one card
 couldn't make out the signature
 it looked like

 I pondered
 who could that be
 when I was unable to answer
 I tossed it
I also tossed
 a lot of others
 I decided
 that if I left them
 when I die
 is going to go
 all of them
toss them


 the other evening
 I was opening the holiday cards that came in that day's mail
 Toonman leaves them for me to open
 there was a sweet little card
 with a tiny star
 it said
 'hugs, Chris' 
at least
 I think
 it says

 I looked at the envelope
 no return address

 I thought
is this person
 don't I know who it is
 I asked my friend Chrissy
 if she sent it
I thanked her for it
 but she said she didnt send it
 after thinking about it a while
 I realized
 it couldn't be Chrissy
 we didnt know each other til a few months ago

  Toonman said
 look at the cancelled stamp
 maybe you can see the city


its smudged


 if I hold it a certain way
 I think
 I can make out

 Chris if it is Chris
 could you please tell me
 who you are
so I can properly thank you?


I deleted
 my Instagram account
the new rules
the right to own and sell
 my/your photos
 just wasn't sitting right with me
 I found out
I had to get a new username
a fresh start
you can call me Zip!
(if you want to follow me on Instagram I am Zipcode10024)


  1. Ha! I think the same way - sparing someone else having to go through my stuff when I am no longer with us...helps me greatly to let go of things.
    glad to hear about instagram. I did want an account too but was reluctant when I heard about their shenanigans - now maybe I can get one.
    Thanks for the tech blog info.
    & yes, I like how these photos work together. I like the colors, how you framed them & you've grouped them nicely making me want to look back & forth at each one. Nicely done Daryl.
    ; )

  2. I like the app and the photos...so glad Instagram didn't decide to do silly things, even though I haven't signed up for an account yet...Starting to take a few pics with my iPhone so I need to look into the apps available and will check out the blog.
    Going thru things is my least favorite thing to do, but maybe in small chunks of time I could accomplish it? Probably not:)
    About to give up and just go shopping, I don't think anyone is going to appreciate receiving handmade this year (or any year for that matter)

  3. app these apps and such are starting to get away from me...
    I still have that new copy of Photoshop Elements that I bought, installed..and not used let.

  4. Ha! Loved the holiday card story. I'll check out the blog -- I could use some apps. I deleted all my artsy photos from IG but kept my account. From now on, I'm going to make sure each photo I post there is signed. Their TOS states that they cannot alter your photos, so that means they can't erase my signature. That works for me. I'll look for you, Zip! I'm still BethFishReads. :)

  5. Would you believe I don't even know what Instagram is?

    Yes, I know you can believe it.

    There's a Roanoke in Virginia...

  6. For about 4 years on the trott we got a card from some couple and child we had never heard of. It actually said to Pearl and Peter so they obviously knew us! :0

  7. hey Zip!
    love your creation
    glad Instagram users revolted
    enough BS on these here internet tubes

  8. First, I LOVE THESE. Love 'em in all caps. Secondly, this is why I deleted my Pinterest account. Plus it was a huge time suck. Need to find you now as Zip.

  9. I need to get into Instagram but I hardly ever take pictures. Maybe I need a new camera to inspire me :)

  10. I absolutely LOVE what you did with these, Daryl!!
    Really beautiful.
    Glad you're still on Instagram.
    I'd not heard about it until after they retracted, or I would have done the same.

  11. Hi! I have been on a break but am not back to reading blogs and trying to catch up with everyone. Love the photos. Did I miss you getting a new cat? Hmmmmm - I really need to catch up!

  12. Speaking of cards, yours was beautiful. Thank you!

  13. These pictures have a delightfully nostalgic quality.

  14. I love what you did with the photos, and I'm impressed you went through some drawers. I soooo need to do that, for the same reason. It just doesn't seem nice to leave it all for someone else to clean up. I'll look for you on Instagram, since I wasn't tech-savvy enough to delete my account before they went back on their new plan.

  15. It's okay to toss them. They live on in your heart. xoxo

  16. Please join me at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers at www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com and share your photo.

  17. I chuckled at how someone else would go thru your stuff and toss. Isn't that so true! Hope Chris shows up!

  18. Nice trio of photos.

    After 23 years of marriage I have a bunch of Birthday, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Anniversary, and other really nice cards. I don't want to chuck them. I need somebody crafty to give me a good idea.

    I'm still not in instagram. I like how your new name is completely different from your old tag.

  19. So sorry I just haven't had enough time to keep up with my blogging friends! I'm hoping that things will slow down a bit soon... and I am glad I checked in today because I love these hipstamatic photos! They DO work well together indeed:)

    You made me smile when I read of your thoughts as you clean out...This is exactly what runs through my mind as I try to declutter and simplify my life! My sister was dearly loved but she was a hoarder and I was overwhelmed with dealing with her stuff when she died and she was overwhelmed with it during her illness...

    What's going on over at Instagram is confusing but I think I will just go with watchful waiting and see what happens by Jan 16th. Did I ever mention I had a very dear cat named Zipcode? Will think of her every time I see your new IG username:)

  20. You're so up with all the latest things Daryl, honestly I'm such a technophobe, I rely on Aimee when the slightest thing goes wrong haha! P.s. hope you discover who 'it might be Chris' is !!

  21. Hope you found the mystery Chris. Your trio of photos is delightful! xo


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