water tower

never again
 of our lives
 we come across
 a date

 pretty impressive

 not so impressive
 is the fact
 I still havent
 settled on a photo
 for the holiday card 
I know 
I know 

lets change the subject
 have you
holiday shopping?

 we don't have children
 so Hanukkah means
light the candles
 take a photo
 have dinner 

we don't exchange
 Hanukkah gifts

 I was a kid
 we did
Hanukkah gifts 
we only
the one gift
 the first night

 I didnt feel cheated
 I did wish
 we celebrated Christmas
 it seemed to be more fun

 when I became a part of my friends'
extended family
 I got to help trim their tree
 we were a part of their Christmas celebration

 the last few years
our friends
 havent had
 the big celebrations
of the past
 I am hoping this year
 will be different
I am not getting my hopes up too high 

 if you celebrate Christmas
 is your shopping done?

I shop all year long
 if I see something
that I know
 on my list
 will love
 I buy it

 there's a pile
 waiting to be
sorted out
 some will 
others will be hand delivered

the buying process
 one for them 
one for me

the one for me
 ends up being for them

Toonman and I
 been exchanging gifts
 for the last few years

 I told him
 this year 
 I know 
my idea 
of what something should cost

 not agonizing
 over what to buy 
 who doesn't need 
who is hard to buy for

 we're skipping that stress

funny story

I was at the hair salon last week 
after my cut and style
 I went to pay

 the receptionist said
 that will be
 (no, I am not putting the amounts in because Toonman reads my blog)

 I looked at her
with wide eyes:
 has his fee gone up?
 because the last time I was here
 it was $$$$

 she says
 did you get a keratin treatment?

 no, just a hair cut

 is your name Daryl?
 a hair cut

 she said
 there are two Daryls
 in the system

 I said
 you know
 after hearing what the other Daryl will pay
 my bill
seems almost reasonable

she laughed


  1. I love your post today (actually, as always). The photo looks vintage, and your writing made me chuckle.

    I haven't finished holiday (and I say holiday because we often don't exchange gifts at Christmas, but rather on New Year's) shopping yet because of a recent death in the family, but I plan to get going soon.

    And yes, as for the hairdresser, my bill seems small, too....

  2. We have done a little bit of shopping, early for us this yeaar:) I am making things and am behind on that, as usual. There are two birthdays to celebrate before Christmas, still have shopping to do for those...and I'm the same way, one for them, one for me! I've already gifted myself a set of knitting needles, am determined to learn-
    I do want to put up a tree this year,
    Laughing because my hubby has the same difference when it comes to the price of things some things we just don't tell!

  3. Love the story! Too funny. We don't exchange gifts with each other; we'd rather spend the money on family and friends. Love the effects on this one.

  4. All of my shopping is pretty much done. I have one or two small things to get, but mostly I'm just waiting for those things bought on the internet to arrive. Nice to be done so early.

  5. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping, not that I have much to do. Mrs. C. wants a new Keurig coffee maker and that shouldn't be too hard to find.

  6. Wait. There's another Daryl out there?! Cannot wait to see you!

  7. Two Daryls? Too funny.

    My shopping is not done, and I wish it were because I hate it. Shopping, that is.

    Unless I'm in Zabars and then I love it.

  8. Yes - shopping is done, wrapped and shipped to family throughout the US - mostly "Up North" (WI and IL). When my sons were growing up, they could ask for 2 presents: one from Santa and one from me. That tradition has continued - and what mom wouldn't melt when they ask that the one from me is time together! Driving out to KC to see my oldest this weekend!
    Best present of all - being with those you love!

  9. Oh yeh, it's all relative as far as price goes Daryl!!
    p.s. half shopping done, half leaving until very last moment, got to get some excitement somewhere haha!!

  10. Daryl, geez, you're gabby today! And I love it!
    I think we are too impatient to give each other gifts. When we want something, we get it! We haven't given each other gifts for years! I think Christmas becomes less of a big deal as one gets older. The grandkids still make it fun!!

  11. keratin treatments are so expensive!!

    I haven't done much shopping yet but we've also cut down a lot
    I will go to the stores one morning soon as soon as they open and do it all

  12. Great post ...
    As the years go by , I am less inclined to do the BIG Christmas
    thing... I also buy year round so it seems never ending.
    If you think it is difficult to find a gift for Toonman, you should
    try shopping for Bob.... some of the gifts from previous occasions are
    still in original boxes.. unwrapped,but unopened.....

  13. Remind me not to get a keratin treatment in NYC. No, am not done. Not worried, either ~ and I'm glad I get to celebrate Christmas with you. So looking forward to it!

  14. Just starting. Ugh! But I let my fingers do the shopping at Amazon!

  15. Sure wish you were closer! I could have used decorating help last weekend, but its about done now. Shopping too, with the exception of stocking stuffers. It was much easier, and waaaaaaay cheaper when the kids were kids! xo.

  16. stress-free holidays to you!
    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~
    ~ ~ ~ <°)333><( ~ ~ ~

  17. My shopping is basically done, but lots of baking left as the day gets closer...

  18. at 12:12 on 12/12/12 I was in Trader Joe's..

  19. No. Not doing much shopping this year. I'm making all my gifts. Yep. Hand-made or home-made, I haven't decided. But it's going to be a blast. Funny post. Your back from your trip already? Where have I been? Perhaps it was some time ago. Cheers!!

  20. Over the years, the family has dwindled down and David is an old man of 26 so our Christmas has downsized tremendously. Actually, I don't mind one bit except for the missing the loved ones part :(

    I just put up the tiny tree today and I will spend a couple days looking around for stuff for his stocking. He'll do mine. We will eat and hug lots. I'm good. We will also visit my brother and Sharon for hugs :)

    I love hugs.

    I think I pay $$ but it's all cheaper down here.

    xoxoxo you are funny!!


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