that mosaic bench
 is in 
 once a college town
 its still filled
 with small boutiques and some neat art

 it was raining
 the day
 we drove there
so we parked close to the restaurant
 visited a few small shops
 while we waited for the restaurant to open

 we ate at 
 after lunch
 we were going to do some wandering
 so we got a map
 got into the car
found our way
 to this bench
 a few other photo ops
 I hopped
 out of the car
 took three shots 
hopped back into the car
 wiping down the camera
 toting a BIG camera
 in the rain
 is not easy
 its not good
 getting the body wet
 never mind the lens

 recently a photographer friend 
told me
 of a trick 
she learned
 carry a plastic garbage bag in your kit bag 
when it rains
 pull it out
 and use it 
to keep the camera dry
 in between photo ops

 I am going to do that
 my next photo adventure
 it never hurts to be prepared.


  1. Trash bags are good. Love the face you featured. Aloha

  2. I'm glad you risked the rain to get these shots. I really need to stash a plastic bag in my camera bag.

  3. Amazing bench - the colors, the shape and then the face! A happy place to be, even if it was raining.

  4. Neat bench. Gotta love that artsy, fartsy stuff. Always catches my eye, Hope you had a nice trip. xox

  5. The plastic bag has saved me (my camera) so many times.
    Love this mosaic!

  6. A friend of mine suggested the same thing. Actually take a large Ziploc bag, cut a hole in it for the lens, and you can use the camera through the open end. Keeps it fairly protected.

    Cool bench.

  7. Interesting bench. What college used to be in the town? I am curious!

  8. A wet lens makes my photos look better. A missing lens even more so!

  9. Oh man that is a weird bench Daryl, not totally comfortable sitting on faces haha! Yes the bin bag lens cover is a great idea, have used it myself.

  10. Daryl, neat bench! I use a large zip lock bag. Have it in my bag all the time.

  11. What a fun bench, even though I don't think I'd feel comfortable sitting on it.

  12. oh i love that bench and the tree motif on it. thanks so much for sharing that!

  13. Nice bench, not meant for sitting especially in the rain.

    I'm back on Instagram. ("YogiAB") They caved completely today and are reverting to their old terms of service.

    You and Me, we brought them to their knees. We are awesome.

  14. Such a pretty design and wonderful colours. I always have a bag inside a little pouch that hangs from my camera. Never mind that it's a poop bag for Benny. ;)

  15. Plastic bag certain good idea. Did I tell you that when on the Alaska trip on the boat that a huge wave came up on me and my camera! Ugh! Soaked. I wiped it down immediately and hoped all would be well. Still is working but I wonder if shouldn't send it for a good cleaning .... sigh, to be without would be painful!

  16. I have an assistant that holds an umbrella for me in the rain/! Otherwise I get a shake of the head and a very stern look from him. I'm not familiar with Yellow Springs, will have to look it up since I lived in Cincy for so many years. xo


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