i'm back

did you miss me?
 lawd knows
 if you follow me
 on Instagram
 you didn't

 I swear
 we did more
 than eat

 great weather the first two days
 wet rain
 that makes
 a BIG camera
 a BIG lens

 wiping it down
 snuggling it under my coat
 in between

 shooting a lot of images
 out the Element window
 my husband
 the BIG lens

 I need to digest the trip
 do a little editing
 I tell you
 my visit
 my friends
 in Cincinnati

 you know

 that artsy city
 the great
 State of Ohio

I leave you with this wet image


  1. Aw, your home safe & dry. I'm sure TM, and the cats are happy about that. Can't wait to see more your your artsy trip-

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  2. Of course, I followed you on Instagram! I couldn't figure out how you got to Ohio....I was behind on the IG images. LOVE your wet image above!

  3. Yes indeed we follow you everywhere D!! Glad to hear you had a safe and fun trip!

  4. I swear I gained weight just following you on Instagram!! :-)
    So glad you had a wonderful time, and I look forward to seeing all of your photos.
    This one sure is a beauty! Gorgeous bokeh.

  5. I haven't been on IG for awhile now and didn't think to check you there. D-uh. So glad to hear you had such a good time. Your wet image is full of the prettiest bokeh and I love the colors.

  6. Back in the day they'd say "keep your powder dry." Now I guess its "keep your camera dry."

  7. Cincy is a great city
    artsy is a great descriptor

    love your wet shot
    and the annoyed pup below is a great shot too

    welcome home to more rain

  8. I am not on Instagram but I knew you were away so I wasn't worried about you:-) So glad you had a fun getaway because I know you really wanted/needed it. Welcome home!

  9. Rain is better than snow. Well, maybe not for cameras, but in general, sez I, looking out at our snow.
    I've been thinking about you, not because of your jaunt, but because we have some of your photos as prompts at Real Toads again, and I had a lot of fun with them.
    Thanks, Daryl!

  10. It's been a while since I dropped in on you, but it sounds like you have been having a wonderful time without me. I'm looking forward to reading about artsy Cincinnati.

  11. So that's where you've been, nice! Looking forward to hearing about it. I think Aimee must be following on instagram, she showed me a pic of you wearing a cute little hat.

  12. Daryl, glad you are home safe and sound! Sounds like Ohio was getting our weather. It's been very wet here! This morning there's a little snow mixed in with it! Hope it doesn't amount to anything!

  13. wonderful capture of that droplet just barely hanging on. glad you had a nice trip. :)

  14. a trick a photographer on the trail passed along to me...
    at the beginning of a sudden downpour.... carry a small
    plastic garbage bag and you can keep your camera and lens dry.
    funny thing is since I started doing that on the trail it hasn't rained..

  15. I'm glad it was a good trip. Love that pic.

  16. I'm reading backwards or missing or something. In a tizzy down here
    with too much going on.

    Instagram. I missing out. Sure of it. xoxo


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