how i spent my saturday

 let me
 thank you
 to my dear friend Judi
 who sent me this awesome votive holder
it also has an aromatic oil defuser 
 thats it 
on the

it inspired me
 to get my tush
 in gear

 the holiday card 
it is printed
 the envelopes addressed
 ready to go

 yea me!

  while printing
I mind surfed 
 that several years ago
 I 'documented' the epic card making process

 it went like this

print the card

stuff the envelopes

 are not
 this year's cards
 the air blast can
 is no longer there
 the printer
 to print monochrome

 it had a mind of its own
 was printing
 a sort of sepia
 I commandeered Toonman's printer
 you didnt know
 we're a two printer family

 an amazing 90 minute massage
 were how
 I spent my Saturday

et tu?


  1. the massage sounds nice...
    but no stopping here..
    in final prep mode for the
    road trip...MONDAY..... at last !

  2. Wow, a 90 minute massage. I could do that.

    My Saturday was devoted to my son. And that's fine.

  3. Moi? I spent my Saturday finishing my Christmas shopping, returning a few items I knew I should have tried on before purchasing & getting pictures together to download to the Walgreens holiday photo site. I'll let them do the printing this year. xo

  4. Just running around doing holiday stuff Daryl...always a very busy time of year. Tonight, I'm looking around trying to figure out just what I should do first!! I decided to go on Amazon and finish up a few last minute purchases...they have had some AWESOME deals!! Best part is that two day free ship thing!! I just adore that votive holder that your friend got you. It's beautiful!! Happy Sunday!

  5. beautiful votive holder! The massage sounds yummy hope it took away all the stresses of the week...
    Me - I stayed home and worked on a few Christmas gifts. Should be done in a week or so - nothing like waiting till the last minute!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. It's always good to accomplish your goals, isn't it? Your massage sounds divine. I baked cookies, then put icing on them. Wrapped most of the gifts, and baked a casserole for dinner. Then I watched White Christmas. Again. I think I've had my fill of White Christmas for the next 10 years.

  7. Ahh! I'm having massage envy Daryl.. But I have one to look forward to, Aimee and I are giving each other a spa day for Chrissy, so we can go together..Saturday was spent painting and gardening...both 'back breaking'!!

  8. I cried most of the day. I expect to do more today.

  9. We are a two printer family as well. I like color and he prefers black and white. Not sure if I am doing cards this year.... it's just SUCH a lot of work. Enjoy your day!

  10. We had a very busy Saturday and it included nothing to do with Christmas. I desperately need to start massages again so I'm trying to track down the lady I went to a few years ago. She was great and so many are just barely adequate. Yesterday we ran errands, did laundry, I cooked, and so many other things....this morning it is a little rainy and that gives us permission to take it easy. Holiday cards? Nope, it's not going to happen.

  11. Ohhh, a massage. after doing the card thing you deserved it!

  12. Daryl, all those greeting shooting out into the world! How exciting! And don't you love getting cards! I'm sorry it's seems to be going by the way side.

  13. Oh, a massage sounds so good right about now.
    I still have to finish Christmas cards, but things are getting done little by little, and I may actually be done a bit early this year!

  14. That votive holder is just beautiful. What a treasure.

  15. you are an artist, Dar. That votive touched something in my - it would be a great card! Do I have your address? gotta look [ or just send it along :)

    Aloha from Honolulu, my Cousin
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >

  16. Beautiful votive gift....Congrats for completing your cards!

  17. I walked almost 8 miles all around Brooklyn! Good for you for getting the cards done.

  18. That votive is beautiful indeed. You are a machine Daryl. Cheers!!

  19. I pretty much gave up sending holiday cards a few years ago out of pure laziness. Now I get few and send fewer.

    I did have a wonderul weekend though...spent in Boston with good friends.


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