fuzzy thinking

guns dont kill people
 people kill people
 that's true

 the people killing people?
 they're doing it with guns

 there are murders with knives
 with bare hands
 with poison

 there is a mass murder of innocents

 its time the NRA
 to work 
to ban
semi automatic
 assault weapons

 no one is saying
 stop hunting

do you really need
 more than a rifle
 to shoot
 deer or duck?

 lets join together
 if not to ban sales of assault weapons
make it harder
much harder
 to buy such weapons

there are now 26 more innocents
plus the shooter and his mother
20 of which are small innocent children
  guns and ammunition
 too easy

 may they rest in peace
may we stop this horror 


  1. I grew up in a household with hunting rifles...and we raised our sons in a house with hunting rifles. My husband and I both feel there is NO reason for semi-automatic guns! (Daryl....you start out your post with something I've been saying to myself for two days when my Facebook friends post rants about "guns don't kill people--people kill people" and I have mumbled to myself--"with guns.")

  2. I so wish that for your country.

    Those beautiful little babies...

  3. Living in a household with guns, (my eldest teaches firearms safety on a regular basis) I totally agree with you. There is no place or reason to have a semi-auto or auto gun. None. Ever.

  4. I agree with you. Hunting with guns is ok. There is absolutely NO NEED for a semi-automatic or those automatic rifles. None.

    We need to stop it.



  5. Yes yes yes. Absolutely, positively, one million times yes.

  6. Amen, here in Oklahoma I know lots of people who own lots of weapons and of course they think the staff at the school should have been armed (No, I'm not kidding.)

    I don't feel threatened in the least by the people I know who have weapons but the only use for an assault rifle with a 30 round clip is for killing people. The perp had enough ammo apparently to kill everybody in the school but didn't because he heard the police in the school.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more.

    What's interesting to me is that 99% of all the blog posts I've read about this subject in the past few days-- probably more than a hundred, almost everyone is against assault and semiautomatic weapons. So why do we still have them?!?! Grrr.
    xo jj

  8. I totally agree. And saying it's not guns who kill people is a terrible excuse! I just don't understand the gun culture, I'm afraid.

  9. Bravo Daryl..very succinctly put, let's pray that something is done. The heartbreak must be too much to bear.

  10. I agree 100%. How much tragedy does it take for something to be done?

  11. An wretch event that I hope will not be repeated again in your country. The issue of weapons possession is very thorny, but your country must face it as soon as possible.

  12. I am reading this post as I watch the nightly news and there on the news is a NRA group promoting guns...including assault rifles...for all the teachers in schools. How can anyone think this is not a crazy idea.!??? The time is now to really push for gun control!


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