water towers

 to the Farmer's Market two Sundays ago
 I walked across West 78th Street
 it is in my opinion
 one of the prettiest streets
 on the UWS
 that water tower?
 that sky?
 its green
 because of the 'film' and 'lens' combo of the Hipstamatic app
 I was using
 I attended the High School of Art and Design
 I had a teacher
 who assigned us the task of painting a cityscape
 we could paint from memory
we could look out the window and paint what we saw
  I opted for memory

 I gesso'd/primed
 the canvas 
with a color green
 not unlike the color of the sky
 in this photo
painted in
 the stark greys
 of the urban landscape
 the high rises
 the office towers
 in my mind
 in the world of my painting
 there was a rainy feel
 to me the sky needed to be green
my teacher 
stopped at my desk to see how my painting was progressing 

when, he asked, did you ever see a green sky?
  I tried to explain
 how the sky looks to me 
 the color of light
 takes on 
that just rained look

 he said
 there's no such thing as a green sky
 repaint it 

 I refused

he told me 
he would be speaking to the dean
  he did
 the dean called my mother
 when my dad came home that evening 
she told him 
he was going in to speak to the dean
 she had gone to school every year up to that point
 but she wasn't going again
 she expected him to handle it

 I was a troublesome student
 I am sure you are all surprised


 dad met with the dean
 they agreed
 while there are not green skies
 the teacher was wrong 
to impose his views on a student
 after all
 aren't we supposed to be artists 
 our visions?

  I was also told
 that I wasn't to talk back
 I am not sure how long that lasted 
I can tell you
 neither of my parents 
were ever called into school after that 

I am still able to see the color of light differently 

 now you can see it too


  1. I've painted several landscapes and seascapes with green skies. And I know that famed English landscape painter Joseph Turner painted many green skies. Your teacher was nuts.

  2. I love and relate to this back-story SO much! I was thoughtful trouble too. And now we've found each other - how cool.. I knew you were an artist. This pic just thrilled me as I scrolled it open for so many reasons: composition, color temp, screens of leaves - sharp.....atmospheric and inviting. could be on a wall without ever boring. . . .

    Turner! my inspiration!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  3. That teacher had no vision! Love the green skies in the photo

  4. I love those water towers...
    Best regards from Paris,


  5. What is with our school systems? I'd love to think that tings have changed, but I'm not optimistic. What do "they" know?. This is one of my all-time favorites of your water tower series.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photo, Daryl. I love the green, and I have seen green skies, too, and not when guilty of substance abuse.
    Your father sounds wonderful, and I'm happy for you. I'm forever grateful for the dad I had.

  7. PS
    Greetings from a cruise ship on the Danube, our last day in Germany, soon crossing into Austria, flying home Monday from Budapest. Despite a horrid cold, I'm glad I'm here, and my Intrepid Photographer is out chronicling the shore excursions.

  8. What a wonderful story this is!
    I love your green sky.

  9. I really like it. And the story that goes with it ~

  10. What a gorgeous photo and I have been going tothe UWS more these days Such a lovely area and less crowded with tourists too! Hope you and your husband have a fabulous holiday!!


  11. Hard to imagine an art teacher being so limited in imagination, he certainly met his match with you Daryl, someone had to do it right! Personally I love a green sky,it definitely enhances this image with the smattering of leaves in the foreground!

  12. Daryl, that teacher had no right to be teaching art! Good for Dad!

  13. I would have loved your Dad :)

    And I love your screen sky...my favorite color and with a water tower to boot!


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