Portolano had a sample sale last week
 they'll have another 
at the beginning of December
 if anyone is interested

 I took an early lunch
walked to their office/warehouse/sale site
 on a brisk sunny late morning last week 

 I got two pair of cashmere gloves
 at a delightful discount

 both pair

 I go to their sale every year

 every year
 I buy more gloves pashminas and occasionally gifts

 I have 
Raynaud's Syndrome
 sometimes called Raynaud's Disease
 a misnomer

 I've had it 
years and years

 it gets worse
 as I get older 

used to be 
only a few fingers 
on one hand 
 to the cold

 its both hands
 my feet

 I am lucky

 to have a 'disease'
 a syndrome
 that worsens?



 who have this 
feel tremendous pain
 when the circulation
to their 
white weird looking fingers 

I don't 
 I consider

 Gloves don't stop it 
they make no difference
I wear gloves
 beginning in the fall 
the winter 

What's all that have to do with this photo?

 on the way back from Portolano
 I was waiting
 for the light 
the red hand 
(reminded me of how red my fingers turn after the blood returns)
 to turn green

 I looked up
took an iPhone photo
 sharing it 


  1. So sorry to hear you have Raynauds, but glad you don't have the pain associated with the 'feeling' coming back...cashmere gloves, oh my!, and in a fab color, too!
    They will keep your hands a bit warmer!
    Thanks for taking us along on your journey-

  2. Oh, purple gloves....a dusty purple is my favorite color. Ever since my chemo I have 'suffered' from peripheral neuropathy, a bit in my feet. Toes feel like they're 'asleep' and often get cold.... I consider myself lucky, too, for if it's all I have left of cancer, I am fine with that, and also some people get that numbness in their hands...oh, there goes my shutter finger.

  3. I sure can relate to the Raynaud's too. Do not like it one bit, but have become quite used to wearing gloves if I even step out for a minute! LOVE the idea of purple cashmere!! Ooh la la!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the Raynaud's.

    Love the perspective of this shot.

  5. I didn't know you had Raynaud's! Miss you! xoxo

  6. first of all, purple is delicious!!
    sorry about the Raynauds but you sure do have a wonderful attitude

    your looking up shots are fantastic!!

  7. HOw have we known each other this long and I didn't know you had Reynaud's too? My fingers are white/yellow/purple as I type this because AN HOUR AGO I took some pictures outside. I even get it in the summer time, like if I walk into an air conditioned grocery store. Fingertips to completely numb.

    This and Vitamin D deficiency...what other ailments do we share?

  8. You have such a wonderful attitude Daryl, not to mention extremely good taste in gloves!! I can see a couple of three's in this spontaneous image, nice work.

  9. No excuse needed to buy beautiful cashmere gloves. :)

  10. Had no idea yes, you deserve cashmere gloves. I've never bought cashmere and what is pashminas?

    I should wear gloves more often. Adding this to my list.

  11. post a shot of the gloves...

    .. sorry to hear about the Raynaud's...
    cold can be painful... have you tried keeping the
    little hand warmer packets in your coat pockets...
    I use them when I am out in the cold and at least
    my hands stay warm and comfy while the rest of me freezes....

  12. Daryl, perfect explanation! I know what you mean about cold hands and feet. Mine always seem to be effected these days. Age I'm told! Seems getting older isn't for the faint of heart!

  13. cool shot made me laugh about how we both look at all the angles.

    Your dear hands! Fashionable gloves suit you.

    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  14. I want to see the gloves too! & I love how you are doing a little something special for yourself in this way-very inspiring. You have a great attitude.

  15. Raynaud's can be nasty. Frank had it for a while, shortly after his heart attack presumably because of one of the meds because it went away when he no longer needed to be on those meds. You're going to have to show us the purple gloves!

  16. Purple cashmere gloves have got to be glorious!

  17. Bummer on the Raynaud's but if it means multiple pairs of purple cashmere gloves then there's a definite upside.

  18. I love this picture...

    Best regards from Paris,


  19. So long as your fingers don't turn green...just the light


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