this and that

aren't these Santa ornaments adorable?
they're handmade
Tammy Morehouse
a friend/neighbor of
Crazy As A Loom

Tammy is in the process of setting up an Etsy shop
I contacted her through Hilary
you can too

Moving along with this and that
here are the fabulous 
I know, in this light they look sort of
a weird hot pink
or as my dad would say

 here's a photo of my boo boo 

its actually
 over a week old
 that photo

 the redness
 lessened considerably

that adorable pixie
 with me
 is my 'niece' Laura
 you'll see her on Broadway
 in a show
 this past weekend
 she was on Broadway with me and her Moms
 as we walked off a wonderful lunch

 we saw this woman
 sitting on a
its actually
 a traffic 'thing'
 I don't know the proper terminology 
what it does 
is keep the cars a away
 from the traffic island
 see there's one on the other side 

that's it
 to have
more better stuff
 this Monday

 it was a long long weekend
I did a lot
I ate a lot
I walked a lot
its back to work
so I gotta get going!

  How was your weekend?
  Did you shop like mad on Black Friday?
  Are you planning on shopping online today?
  Come on tell me all about it!


  1. No shopping for me. And how was your dinner on Thursday? It looked delish! Miss you. xoxo

  2. the gloves are gorgeous!
    even your boo boo is fashionable, it matches the gloves
    you are trending all over the place

    Laura is beautiful, I love her sweet smile
    hopefully she will let Hope be her understudy one day
    that girl is also destined for Broadway
    on Saturday we washed dishes together and I taught her some songs from Hair and Mame
    she sang "ABC took the IRT down to my street USA"
    close enough

  3. Glad to see that your hand is healing so nicely... and quickly too!! Now I'm going to go visit Tammy's Etsy shop and see what I need. Have a great Monday!

  4. I love those ornaments! And the gloves are gorgeous. No shopping, but I got to rock a baby and I have my Christmas decoration boxes piled in the middle of the livingroom. One year they stayed there longer than they were up and out. I fear this might be one of those years again!

  5. love the gloves..

    a little cyber browsing for me today...
    I'm shopped out from Black Friday.

    Bob can't keep a secret .. he already bought
    an Ipad 4 ( yes..they have a 4 now ) and the
    new Nikon d3200 with wireless adaptor ALL FOR MOI...
    WOOT !!

  6. I think Mrs. Chatterbox would love these Christmas ornaments. She overflows with the spirit of the holiday season.

  7. Daryl, hope you had a good Monday. If there is such a thing! Being retired, we tend to not really care what day it is. We generally stay home on the weekends, cause it's so busy.
    We went out on Friday. I got a new iPad!! WooHoo!! It was a mad house out there. Canada usually doesn't usually have Black Friday, but seems like we're picking up the habit!

  8. I love those ornaments, Daryl!
    Your boo boo is looking much better. Sure looked like it was hurting last week.

    Nope, no Black Friday shopping. Almost all is done from the comfort of home.
    Guess I'd better check out the Cyber Monday stuff, before it's history!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  9. OH MY! LOVE the ornaments and the "burpble" gloves! Also glad that nasty owie is doing better (that was a BAD one!)
    Also want to say you "niece" is beautiful! So glad you had a nice-LONG-weekend.

  10. Love the Santa Clauses.

    No shopping for me except on Saturday to get a dress for CB Daughter and shirt/tie for Son for the upcoming Holly Ball at the high school. Son has a date who lives an hour away, so he's driving to pick her up and driving her home. Serenity now.

  11. I did not shop until I dropped.
    No long lines for me.
    Instead I went online a bit, and had a cup of tea.

    Hey, I'm a poet ~

  12. nice pic of you with your niece. and glad to see your boo boo is much better. luv ya!

    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  13. those ornaments are adorable. as for weird colors, i have a blouse that i called pink but others called purple. we called a truce and agreed to call it "pinkle."

  14. I love your Monday posts. I'd buy an ornament, and thanks for posting those wowee gloves!!

  15. Love the name of your friends business 'Crazy as a Loom' brilliant! Very nice gloves, gorgeous colour and the main thing they'll keep you warm oui! Gosh you are a fast healer, your hand looks so much better already, you must be super healthy! Your niece Laura looks as cute as, give us the nod when she's about to star in her first show and I'll book a ticket haha!

  16. Loving the vintage Santa's so much! Your niece is adorable and what a lovely photo! You are so lucky to be in that city every day and get to do all the exciting things available! Even if it is just walking around, taking photographs, which I love to do!

  17. No shopping for me...

    The Santas are adorable!

    Your gloves are gorgeous and boo boo is healing up nicely :)

  18. love that Santa's to check those out...

  19. Adorable Santa ornaments! and I LOVE those purple gloves:)

    Quiet and busy at the same time here the past five days...but absolutely no shopping in any stores! Lots of walks, two movies, a birthday party, a trip to the museum...and today of course there was all that laundry:)

  20. Your niece is adorable .. such a cutie. I don't know if she's blood related but I think she looks like you. And I'm sure I've told you this before .. my Mom also always said "burple."


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