this and that

So how was your weekend?  
Mine was, 
 the lack of
 heat, gas and in many cases an actual roof 
 for thousands 
NJ/Staten Island/Long Island/Connecticut, 
not bad at all  

I saw friends 
who share 
with me 
survivor guilt 

 there are 
 clothing and food drives

 I urge you
 if you can
 to donate 
that coat
 those gloves
 you no longer wear
 your kids 
have outgrown

 so many
are without
its getting colder
 to add
 insult to injury,
there's another storm headed this way midweek

I walked over to the GreenFlea
 in the school yard 
at Columbus and 77th

 it was closed

 the gates to the school yard
 were padlocked
 schools were closed
 all last week
 I am sure 
that is part 
 it cancelled

 many vendors
 come from
 the 'outer boroughs' 
 transportation dependent on gas 
is limited 
many of the rail lines are only beginning to resume service

the Farmers Market 
is clearly resourceful 
they set up
 their 'tent-like' stalls
Columbus Avenue
 behind the museum

I got some apples 

 it was interesting 
to see 
 snaking out
Shake Shack
 for that matter 
small crowds
the brunch serving
Amsterdam Avenue

when I saw 
Island Burger
 was open
 I stopped in
 some food to-go 
they were only taking cash
 as their credit card machines 
weren't working
I noticed 
by the signs 
on their front doors
 a lot of stores 
had trouble with

 I got 
 the survivor guilt
mani/pedi'd it as usual
 after cleaning the apartment on Sunday

 no walks were taken
 it is now
 too cold
 for Toonman to go walking
 its too bad his doctors don't read this blog
just saying'

the cats
 enjoyed the early morning sun 
after the time change on Sunday
 I can't believe 
Harry's been with us 
2 weeks

he and Jack
 might not be snuggling
they sure are 
sharing window sills
couch cushions
 even sort
playing together

this not so hot iPhone photo got Topaz Labs Simplified

Oh yeah



get out 


  1. You tell that Toonman that walking will warm him up! Sending everyone love and hope that the next storm blows out to sea. xoxo

  2. I plan on making up a few hats/toboggans to send to the storm victims,not much but if everyone did a little it would mean a lot...also someone is having a warm sock drive...
    Love the photo! Handsome young men!
    And, as I always say Vote Early, Vote Often!

  3. Harry and Jack seem like long lost brothers!
    I think I know what you mean by survivors guilt. one part of me feels like I should soldier on & the other part just wants to cry for all those who are suffering so. what is happening all around us is unfathomable.

  4. i didn't walk this weekend the cold was just too bitter for me. this coming weekend looks promising though and i can't wait to get out, even if all of our color is gone......

    i love how the marathoners who couldn't run are helping out !!

  5. Echoing the plea to vote!!!

    Love that Topaz Labs treatment.

    And not much walking this weekend either, but I did manage to get some housework done. Yay me.

  6. Sitting in my warm house, it's so hard to imagine all those people who have lost their homes. They need comfort and their place of comfort is gone.

  7. That's not good news about the incoming storm this week Daryl, enough is enough! I'm sooo happy you and Toonman are ok, but as you say heartfelt thoughts go out to those not so lucky, lets hope aid gets to them pronto. I'm sure the whole world waits with bated breath to hear the outcome of the voting tomorrow, dear god let the American public think carefully before making this decision! I just knew Harry and Jack would become best buds, so nice to have a mate to romp with!

  8. We have two families here in Westport that have rented a truck for a week, and every night at 9pm they drive down to the shelters and deliver whatever they've collected. I'm going through our coats when I get home and deliver them!

  9. sure puts life in perspective doesn't it? the impending cold does worry me with regard to the folks still without power.

  10. I like the picture. At first glance I thought it was a cat seated in front of a mirror. Take care and keep warm.

  11. Enjoyed your weekend ramblings...and I love the photo. Yes, I have voted (absentee!) And I hope my candidate wins, O, I do, O yes.

  12. Definitely going out to vote tomorrow. The ToonMan just has to bundle up a little and before he knows it, he'll be warm and walking. It is so invigorating to be walking in the colder months. Just make sure the head and ears are covered and you're good to go.

  13. It was pretty darn cold that day we all visited last December but once you get movin' it's fine.

    Hope the storm doesn't wreak more havoc.

  14. 6:00 am tomorrow and I'll be voting!
    I have to admit, I am nervous. I wish it weren't going to be as close as it seems it will be.
    Time to get Toonman a snowsuit, boots, and mittens!!!

  15. Love the two sharing a windowsill. I think they will be friends soon. Love you all.

  16. Enjoyed this visit: front-line reporting, friendship, and two kitties working it out. Grateful for a roof, some sun....and kats (and Daryl :-)

    Aloha from Waikiki, Pal
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    ~ ~ ~ <°)333><( ~ ~ ~
    > < } } (°>

  17. 'Tis good you think of others. I enjoyed this.

    Voted early.

  18. Very nice words as always This storm was just such a terrible thing but again brings the best out of people in the end. I will be voting tomorrow and glad when all the campaign ads are over with.

  19. Just two weeks before the storm I cleaned out the closets and donated lots of clothes and now I am regretting it...I do hope the coats find their way to those in real the meantime the best I can do is to donate to Red Cross it seems. I wish I could do more. One thing you can be sure of is that I will be voting tomorrow...wouldn't miss it for the world.

    I do love those kitties!

  20. I'll be voting tomorrow! Hoped to get it out of the way with early voting, but ended up staying with my parents longer than I expected.

  21. I imagine you'll get Toonman to walk to the polling station, at least. The kitties look wonderful together.

  22. The babies will come around...wondering if it takes cats a little longer to warm up to each other than dogs. Would think so.

    Have had the coastal folks in my mind since Sandy happened and hopefully the snow won't be too bad. Ya'll have had enough!


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