on broadway

I won 
 to see 
The Heiress

The show 
which is in previews
 at the Walter Kerr Theatre 
opens on November 1st
David Strathairn as her father 
Dan Stevens 
(who plays Mathew on Downton Abbey
as her suitor 
in the
 film version
 Aunt Lavinia was played by Maggie Smith
(the Dowager Duchess in Downton Abbey)
Ms Ivey played Aunt Elizabeth 

 I found it interesting
 this play
 written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz 
adapted from the Henry James novel Washington Square
 has had many productions
on Broadway

in 1949
Billy Wilder
the film version
Olivia de Havilland, Ralph Richardson and Montgomery Clift

I was going to recap
 the plot 
for those
 who don't know it 
 I'll give you a link to a recap of it here

I got to see it last night
while it
riveting theatre
it was

Judith Ivey steals the show

Jessica Chastain was fine,
I am sure
 after previews
she will be excellent

I was disappointed
Dan Steven's 'American accent'

I am however glad I got to go
 its always fun to go to the theatre

Have you been to the theatre recently?
What did you see?


  1. I will read about this. I love Maggie Smith. Yes, I've recently seen 'Born in YU'; an excellent play featuring a number of well-known Belgrade theater actors who reminisce about growing up, falling in love, the trials and tribulations of living in Yugoslavia during its golden years, its demise, the transition. Very good.

    "Your" post is up today.

  2. What fun! So glad you go to go! I enjoy going to the theater but its been a while for us -

  3. Oh what an awesome win! How fun to have a night out at the theater.

  4. Free tickets to see a show are a great bonus!

  5. I'm jealous, a show on broadway has been on my bucket list for years.

    We have subscribed to the local venue that hosts traveling productions. This year's fare is kind of like "eh" nothing new. We haven't renewed our subscription yet.

  6. The last play we saw was an updating of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Mikado", at The Lyric Stage (sort of Boston's Off-Broadway, if you will.) Extremely entertaining. We'll be seeing "The Chosen". from the novel by Chaim Potok, a week from Sunday.

  7. Oh gosh, it's been so many years since I've been to the theatre. I would have to find a companion because my sweetie would never want to go...and he's too tall for those little seats. Glad you were a winner and had fun!

  8. what a great thing to win! so glad you enjoyed the show. i've been to exactly one broadway production, phantom of the opera. i quite enjoyed it. another productions i've seen are just small local things, but nothing lately.

  9. Wonderful! Are you kidding me? The Heiress is one of my all-time fave movies. Oliva was just grand. Monty was a slick Cassaova, but she got him but damn good at the end. Cheers!!

  10. Some friends pitched in and took me to see 'Mary Poppins' when it was in Austin. But I dream of going to NYC and seeing a Broadway show on Broadway.

  11. It's been much too long since I've been to the theater. The musical "Wicked" was the last play I saw.

  12. Tickets to the theater...that is so excellent! Going to the theater is such an 'event.' At least it would be for me! I recall when people used to 'dress' for the theater. Now...not so much...but it's still an 'event.'

  13. Oh, what a great thing to win!
    I haven't been to the theatre lately, but I already have tickets for a show in Barcelona (where I live) for the play "Incendies" which is a play of a French Canadian movie. The reviews I have read about this play are so so great, so I hope the play will be up to my expectations! :D

    I love your photo header.

    Regards from Barcelona.

    P.S: Before sending this comment, I've been trying to figure out how to attach my email to my comments... I could find the way to do so. :(

  14. I am so sorry I couldn't attend with you. One of these days, though Daryl. And I have never been to the theatre. Only high school productions.

  15. Can't hold a candle to NYC, but photographed the rehearsal for Nora Ephrons' Life, Loss and What I Wore on Wed. night. A great play.

  16. Visits to Broadway productions remain in one's memory for life.
    What a responsibility for the players. . . . EVERY night, and twice on Sundays!

    Weekend Aloha from Honolulu, DAR
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  17. love the shot...
    I get restless at most plays
    and would do better to stay outside
    the theater and shoot the lights
    on Broadway.... someday ......

  18. Lucky you, winning tickets to the theater.
    I've not been for a very long time.

  19. That sounds great!

    I love going to the theater and we have been getting yearly subscriptions to Trinity Squaare...Providence's repartory theater company for years. I actually started going right after college. This guarantees at least six nights out a year:) This year started out with an great production of King Lear...

  20. Gosh now you've got me thinking Daryl..I think the last time was on a visit to Sydney last year (or maybe even the year before) when David bought tickets for him and I to go and see Wicked..we both fell asleep if I recall correctly haha!

  21. Sorry missed this post Glad you enjoyed and sorry to hear Dan Stevens was a bit disappointing. How were the costumes? The theater is always a cool experience.
    Thank you for being a blog reader and a lovely friend!!


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