missed connections

how was your weekend?  
was pretty good
 there were some glitches

  I had planned to go with my sister
a cat 
I thought
I might
 if the 
 was there


 what do I mean

  Let me explain
 we have had 4 cats in our lives
four times
 a cat
 animal lovers
 how that works

 in the end
 I didn't get to meet him
 there were some glitches
 that may still get resolved
 we'll see

I went to meet my friends Judy and Larry for brunch
 I took the subway
all of 10-15 minutes
 to get from 79th Street to 50th Street
of course
 it didn't

 I got to the station
 just as a train
 was leaving

another missed connection

 the sign said 
next local
12 minutes

 after 7 minutes
 an announcement
we stand back from the edge of the platform the train was not stopping 

 the next train
 would be along
 in 6 minutes

 I ended up exiting at 50th Street at 12:30
 walked quickly to the restaurant 
 no one

just then
 my phone beeped
 two missed calls and a text from Judy
 she was lost 
had the wrong address
where was I? 

turned out 
she was only a block away

 now it was 12:45
no sign of Larry
 our reservation was for 12:30
 texted and called
 he texted back
he wasn't feeling well
 he had emailed her
 to say
 he wasn't coming
 she hadn't gotten the email

more missed connections

 we decided to have brunch 

I walked 
to the Flea Market
 heading home
who has a terrible cold 

he shared
 I am now fighting

I hope
 was more fulfilling

thanks coming along


  1. Wow what a weekend! Hope you feel better soon and hope that a cat will tickle your fancy! Funny what you say about the subway because I always say they are faster but not my fave form of transportation. Hope today is a GREAT day for you !!

  2. Is Mercury in retrograde? (I actually know nothing about this, except it's supposed to mess up communications).

    Love the clematis (I think that's the flower).

    And brunch counts. :)

  3. that floral display is unusual and pretty

    I know the connection, you can feel it
    the animal does indeed choose you
    I thought you might be considering a dog since Jack is so easy to get along with
    no matter who you adopt they will be so lucky to have you

  4. With an open heart, another animal will always find you. I hope the brunch and conversation was good.

    A cold? Ack, feel better soon.

  5. A kitty is coming your way. Soon. Feel better. xoxo

  6. That was an eventful weekend. Hope both you and Toon Man are feeling better. x

  7. Whoa.. you had a 'faye day' .... and you handled it better ..
    I would still be rasser-frassing.

    a little lemon and honey in three fingers of whiskey
    and you will feel better in no time.....

  8. Oh, hate that Toonman is sick, and I hope that's one more missed connection you have!

  9. had a nice weekend here. sorry about your missed connections and the one you made with germs that you'd have been better off missing.

  10. Well, my weekend was altogether more pleasant, I think. Last of my 11-day vacation, so just much napping and eating. We went to buy hardy mums and pumpkins to decorate our front stoop. Otherwise, many Zzzzzzzzzzz's.

  11. I love the photo. Dislike the fact Toonman is sick...hope he feels better really quick!

    Missed connections always make me think it just wasn't meant to be...albeit very frustrating!!


  12. Oh Daryl...what to even say. How frustrating.
    Guess I am not alone with the cold bug. First one in 2 years, and it's a nasty one.
    Head feels like a brick.
    I sure hope you and Toonman are all better real soon.

  13. Oh I do hope you make the 'kitty connection'! One will choose you soon!
    So sorry to hear that you and Toonman are under the weather, sending get well wishes your way -

  14. I live for weekends. Not that I hate my job, it's just that I love weekends that much. Mine was lovely. Today - NOT.

  15. That actually sounds like a good weekend. I was afraid you were stuck in the tunnel or something~ thank goodness for texts!

    Yes, cats find us. I got lucky again and it feels lucky every time, for we never see the connection, just feel it, then marvel as it unfolds and we realize that we have found the perfect fit. . . . Feel Better Toon Guy!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  16. the colors in your photo are eye-popping. love it!

    Get well soon wishes being sent to ToonMan

  17. We have plenty of cats wandering around here if you want to take one or three home....

    Take some lots of Vitamin C. I am a firm believer red wine fights off germs too. I am counting on it.

  18. Wow that was some day!
    I hope you & toonman feel better in no time!

  19. Crazy day! I really do know what you mean about connections with cats...each of my cats and dogs have "found" me:)

    I was in NYC for brunch Sunday too! My husband offered to drive two friends to their nephew's apartment in the city after the reunion in Westchester County....The nephew suggested brunch at Sarabeth's but we never did find it and ended up in Nice Martin. That was a missed connection that we didn't mind:)

    I do hope you and Toonman feel well soon.

  20. Missed connections are common in general, and sometimes technology makes them a bit easier to handle. I remember in the pre-cell phone days waiting for a friend at 'the entrance to Barnes and Noble'.....I thought there was only one....and she was waiting at the other....both of us left, thinking the other was a no-show....

  21. OMG that was way too many missed connections all in the one day, what a shame Toonman's cold germs didn't have a missed connection!! Get well soon.

  22. I know EXACTLY what you mean about how a cat chooses you.. though I have to admit, my two guys were just the only two available kittens from a particular litter and they're also perfect.

    I hope you miss that cold connection.

  23. Oh my, what a day! Hope you get to meet that kitty!

  24. i think there's a message there....those missed connections.
    i mean, i have no idea what exactly, but i do think you acknowledging them
    means something.....

    and oh how i would have loved to have gone to the flea market with you.
    we missed all of our local ones this summer and now i have flea market envy.

  25. Everything happens for a reason - we just don't always know what it is. When the time is exactly right, a fur baby will choose you for their forever "mom". Hope you are feeling better and have beaten that nasty cold.


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