2195 posts later

some time back in August of 2007
 a friend of mine 
began blogging 
she was a crafty sort
 who decided 
as a stay-at-home mom to an infant
 she needed a creative outlet 


I am not sure 
 she started blogging
 I do know
 I enjoyed reading what she wrote

 I would, back then, ride the bus to work
 the M104
 it runs down Broadway
 or it did then
 it starts out on Broadway
 then meanders over to Seventh Avenue
 what is 
 Times Square's pedestrian mall
back then 
it was still undergoing 
 (I think I just made that up) 
 on the way to the office
 I would read
 listen to my iPod
 look at the people
  at the traffic
 bike messengers
 all part of the surface travel by bus experience

  If you commute via public transportation
 you come to know your fellow travelers/commuters
 we are 
 we know
 what time
 the subway
'our' stop
 we know
 which door
 which subway car 
 to the exact spot
 we need to exit easily
 we have 'our' favorite seat on the bus
 spot in the subway car
 where we like stand

 short commutes 
like mine 
you just stand

I am digressing

as I rode the bus
 those around me
 in the bus
 on the street 
I would often imagine
what they did
 who they were
 where they were going 

at some point 
I decided 
a blog 
would give me
 a way 
to share
 my photos

September 13, 2007 
 no one read it
 no one commented
 2195 posts later
 I'm still here sharing

this blog as gone through a lot of changes
(I think that's another new word)
it started out
On The M104
it morphed
 Out & About in New York City
the header photograph changed many times
I think 
 after 5 years
 I think
 I've got it 
where I enjoy it

I hope you do too


  1. I definitely do enjoy it. I remember this space as On the M104, the several great banner photos, and the many wonderful sights of the city. Congrats on your blogoversary (I never know how to spell that!).

    In an odd kind of woo-woo coincidence, I started MY blog on September 13, 2008. I guess it's an auspicious day for going public.

  2. What an enjoyable post, and congratulations on 2195!

  3. I love your city & I love experiencing it through you & your blog!

  4. Firstly that photo is blooming fantastic, soooooo NYC! Secondly, we'll done, that's a heck of a lot of excellent posts Daryl, you should be proud as punch. Lot's more to come yeh!!

  5. So happy you decided to blog, congratulations on so many wonderful pictures and stories! I'm glad I found you - my day doesn't feel right if I don't start it out with your blogs
    still having trubbles with g#@gle

  6. That's a lot of posts Daryl! I'm glad you started blogging and glad that I found you. x

  7. I have not read all of them, but I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year and being able to visit NYC through your photos and words. xo

  8. Beautiful photograph, I like such climates. I am greeting

  9. I sure do enjoy it. Keep plugging away. Hmmm...makes me wonder how many posts I have. I started in March 2008.

  10. Of course, I do! I get to experience NY year-round, instead of "maybe once-a-year-as-a-tourist."

  11. as a recent newcomer here i have enjoyed your spot here. especially love today's picture, the movement and the colors are eye-catching. it's a very different way of life you share being a city commuter as opposed to my semi-rural existence.

  12. Daryl, yes, I have enjoyed your blog(s) allot! I have also enjoyed our friendship! Who says long distance friendships don't work.
    This is a great shot! What a busy, bustling place. Just as New York is!
    Hope you have a great weekend! I know you will!

  13. Oh do I!! I remember when you first started and I just oogled and didn't comment, loving the NYC shots.

    I'm so glad you stuck around sweetie!! Can't imagine my life without you now ♥

  14. Congrats Daryl - one of the first bloggers I started reading regularly - it has been a sweet ride!

  15. Congrats! Wow 5 years is a long time.....I find the whole blogging thing pretty great as I have met so many great people like you and those who share my interests. In my small hometown, hard to find those with my photography and nyc obesssions! Here is to 5 more years of great photography and posts!!

  16. Congrats on your bloggy anniversary! Just had mine a while back too. Only four years for me, so I guess that means I have one more year to decide on a permanent header? Nah... won't ever happen. I just enjoy making them too much.

    Have a great week-end!

  17. Congrats..
    What an inspiration you have been.
    I have always loved your blog/photos/commentary...
    and after lurking around your blog for a long time,
    I decided to give it a try .... 1425 posts later I'm
    still trying to figure it out.
    Thanks Daryl !!!

  18. I enjoy your blog very much, but change is all part of life. My blog is currently undergoing significant changes and will go online in a week or two. I feel like I'm having a baby. When I started nobody paid attention or cared. I don't know if I can handle the pressure.

  19. September 2007 is a long time, and I think I began visiting you the following spring. My son lives in NYC and upon finding you, I thought your blog would give me a glimpse into the city that he found so fascinating yet I just couldn't fathom. The city scared me. I'm a country girl at heart.
    And then, I met you in real life. And you've since become one of my best friends. All through blogging . . . so I for one (for many) am glad you began blogging, Daryl. And this photo? I love it. So New York.

  20. Yes, I love it. It does kind of morph around to what you feel comfortable with, mine has for sure. I've been tapping away here since 2006. Time flies when you're having fun!

    (baby is here)

  21. Happy five years.. wishing you many, many more. :)

  22. In the 'blog world' I guess you are veteran? Do I enjoy your blog...yeah! Do I look forward to it...yeah! Am I glad I found it...yeah! So glad to be here! Congrats on this milestone! Keep on keeping on!

  23. Happy Bloggerversary Daryl! May you have many more years of blogging fun...

  24. That's an amazing number of posts! Loved hearing how you came about blogging. And that photo is awesome!


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