these two chocolate labs
a brief pause
 in a 
long walk 
 admire the Community Gardens

 I too had stopped to do the same 
 one of the last weekend walks 
Toonman and I took 
from 80th to 96th down to 72nd and back to 80th

plans for the weekend?

I'm off getting massaged
 then brunch with a friend

 if not 
its okay
my hair is now wash and go thanks to the Brazilian Blowout 

and you?

what's up?


  1. massage....mmmmm. yes, soon

    Sweet weekend my dear

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Not much going on this weekend while Mrs. Chatterbox recovers from gum surgery.

  3. Your walks sound so enjoyable. One of the girls is moving to CA and will be staying a few days with us. The other one left CA and moved to Brooklyn. We are looking forward to having one a little closer.

  4. So the Brazilian thing is holding up? Good to know :).

    I could go for a massage but no time with the holidays looming. Went for the high power jets in the jacuzzi - nearly blew me out of my seat LOL.

  5. Going to help my husband with the driving on an upcoming business trip. Not very exciting, but it's wonderful to have him getting healthy, and I'm happy to help.

  6. The massage sounds good Daryl, enjoy if you make it! I've got an art exhibition opening on Friday evening a lazy day Saturday (except Aimee will drag me out for a walk at some point no doubt)and a birthday gathering in Kings Park on Sunday..and the weather is perfect!

  7. I am, once again, working.
    Love the labs, such steady , solid looking doggies

  8. enjoy the great weather !!! should be a lovely weekend!!

  9. I have my own chocolate lab. She woke me up early this morning so my chores start sooner. Then off to take some Boy Scouts ghost hunting on the battlefields.

  10. A Brazilian Blowout? Fancy ~
    I'm going to be vacuuming and doing some other cleaning. Then, hopefully I can enjoy this gorgeous day.

  11. Daryl, do you think those two big dogs live in an apartment!? Must be a madhouse! Even if it was in a house.
    Busy weekend. Have some chores to catch up on and then have to get Marmie's new computer set up!
    The weather is wonderful. Comfortable to Hot during the day and cool at night. Clear and sunny! Great Sept weather!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I am echoing Robin's question, I guess. Those are really large dogs....not apartment dogs. Must be interesting! My weekend began with some planting of peonies and scattering pink and red poppy seeds, which I hope sprout next spring! Next...some crafting is on tap until Hubby gets home from a day of golf. Happy Weekend, Daryl!

  13. "The Brazilian Blowout" ... Now that sounds like a party.

    Your weekend sounds great. I've been down for days with bronchitis and that impressive kind of cough that can really clear a room. My weekend is dedicated to remaining vertical and finding the will to go back to work on Monday.

  14. Beautiful dogs!

    Yesterday was an Urbex day, but don't think I got much of anything. Have to give them a second look.
    Today is a "have-to-do" day because of the "didn't-get-done" yesterday stuff. :-(

  15. Yesterday I went on a short excursion...photos coming. A fun day trip to a Serbian village to celebrate their 'Roman Days,' begun 15 years ago when an ancient Roman ruin was found nearby. Today, low-key, very much so, since I was up waaaay too late last night touching up photos....


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